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Conference on ADHD featuring Dr. Russell Barkley

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Posted Jun 02, 2009 at 6:16:28 PM
Subject: Conference on ADHD featuring Dr. Russell Barkley

AET's 31st Annual Conference sponsored by Shire

Keynote Speaker: Russell A. Barkley, PhD - Renowned ADHD Expert

Keynote Presentation: "The Link Between ADHD, Self-Regulation, & Executive Functioning – What It Means for the Treatment of ADHD"

Date:October 22-24, 2009
Location:Warner Center Marriott - Los Angeles, CA

This conference will also feature breakout sessions, poster presentations, and an Exhibit Hall. Sponsorship, exhibiting, and advertising opportunities are available!

Get More Information: http://www.aetonline.org/meetings/national.php

Association of Educational Therapists www.aetonline.org - aet@aetonline.org

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Posted:Jul 09, 2009 8:46:36 AM

As a person with ADHD, i find organizations like yours offensive.

All Educational Therapists and Allied Professionals are invited to submit papers to the Journal.

Directly from your website.
You seek to have people speak for us. Those of us with ADHD and other learning differences. And i find that grotesquely lacking in all scientifically credible ways.

People within your organization over analyze the behavior of people like me and they seek to read as much negativity into it as they can and then they present it like they are scientists presenting new laws of physics. Well you are not scientists. Because i am the evidence sitting right here at my computer telling you what you do offends me. While you tell me that even though i am an archaeologist and a trained musician and many other things that i am not welcome to write anything about my own condition for your organization. No instead people havve to rely on your so called educated analysis of everything that i am. That is like saying "Ignore the evidence so we can interpret it for you as we feel is best" Creataionists, those who deny evolution are no different in their half asked understanding off the science and their sad pathetic desperate attempts to over analyse it and to twist it to their own agenda. Who sponsors you besides your members? How much money do you get from big pharma each year to keep my voice the voice of the actual evidence from being heard in favor of your bogus analysis of my behaviors?

Shame on you. We are not chimpanzees lacking the ability to use siign language. If we want to discuss something to the world we are just as able to communicate as your over analyzing experts are. Yet the words directly from the horses mouth are deliberately not welcome. You don't see how denying the evidence to speak causes your organization to be in essense just another bogus source of information passing on rumor that is entirely unverified by the actual sources of rumor? Your "experts" are no better than gossip colmnists writing about the life of Michael Jackson, as none of these gossip columnists lived a life time with this alledged disability. It doesn't bother you at all that you are in essence misrepresenting a large portion something like 20% of it for profit to the world? And you say we have a disability, but look at your moral character. Now that is a disability.

I am offended. The horses mouth is stating for the record it is offended by the words you are putting in it. The words the horse never said the words you choose to read into the so called hors'e alledged behaviors.

I have been told by 1 doctor i am bi polar i have been told by over 10 i have ADHD i have been told now by upwards of 11 i don't have ADHD and i have been told by atleast 6 i have PTSD. The problem is, unless you hear us and give us a voice all your information will be no better than that provided by a tabloid. We should be sueing places like you for slander. Shame on you and all your experts. We are human beings you know not just diagnosies.

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Posted:Jul 09, 2009 9:02:54 AM

If you really wanted to help us as you claim is your mission, you would instead be reading up on this board some of the entries from those of us with LD who have grown up to see what your diagnosies have cost us. As a result many of us (me not included) are having difficulty in just keeping roofs over our heads in this tough economy. If you really wanted to help us, rather than enriching yourselves you woulld be setting up charities for these adults who need help now who allowed you experts to research them free of charge as children and build your reputations on our pain make massive amounts of money selling your books and and speaches hanging your shingle on our backs while you read way too much into most of what you think you learned from us. If you actually cared, you would be hiring people with LD to write their story for you for your webpage or telling it to your gatherings, paying us a fair wage to speak. If you cared, about those of us with LD you would be doing something to support us offering your services for free creating a branch to assist us with job searches and job hunting creating lists of employers friendly to our various alledged aflictions. But you don't do that. Because you don't care. There are many already with LD who have nowhere to live int his economy because they were ofcourse the first ones fired from their jobs as professional experts like you stamped your lables on them and made them less employable. Can you begin to imagine what these people are going through now? These people you are alledgedly there to support and learn about and teach about... More and more of us are losing our homes courtesy of your lables and the job market. And you are raking it in hand over fist at our expense and i don't see any indication you are giving anything back. Maybe your speakers should be giving some free speeches,proceeds going to help cover the costs of living of those of us who are losing our homes because we lost our jobs because of the lables you slap on us. After all, before all your experts were sombodies they were nobodies and we did freely give you our time and our assistance so you could study us to help you.... Otherwise your entire field wouldn't exist. Maybe you should honor our contributions rather than seeking to silence them. Maybe now that we have trouble and many of us no one to turn to maybe what goes around should come around a little bit? Seriously, you should read some of the posts from those of us adults and long term victims of alledged experts and what we go through over the economy. i think for all we have done for your experts, you owe us alot more than you have given back. I mean even if i am used in these studies and i do it free of charge i still have to pay to go hear the speaches of what you learned from it all while you all are making $100 a seat. Just think about it... it is actually quite a rational thing really...

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