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Symbol Imagery/Memory

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Posted Jun 11, 2009 at 7:12:14 AM
Subject: Symbol Imagery/Memory

Hi -- we are in the process of getting a full psycho-educational evaluation of our son... In the meantime, I have done research and spoken to many different professionals.. I am confused about the issue of symbol imagery/memory.. some say that without this skill, a phonics program will not help achieve all necessary skills to progress in reading and become a fluent reader. Our son is going into 4th behind in his reading level and fluency - he has poor spelling (spells exactly as it sounds without using phonics rules) and grammar. He does comprehend albeit he will probably have more difficulty as the material gets more difficult. He did get phonics tutoring in 3rd but I truly don't think he is utilizing the rules and his reading level did not go anywhere after the first half of the year. He is currently receiving vision therapy and we are looking at our next step. Do we just get a tutor to teach phonics to him or is there more to consider? There are 'computer games' out there that aspire to developing symbol imagery/memory skill. Many professionals are not even speaking about this to me - so, I am confused about the credibility of this information. Any feedback???

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Posted:Jun 12, 2009 9:06:03 AM

Hi Michelle,
You wrote that he is currently recieving vision therapy, where I might ask what this is attempting to address?
Though in regard to the issue of 'symbol imagery/memory'?
This involves developing the skills of 'visual capture', to hold a visual image in our minds eye.
Then the ability to 'recall' a visual image in our minds eye.
A further skill, is the ability to form a visual image in our minds eye, and then rearrange elements within it.
Which can be developed through some simple exercises.

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