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Death By ADHD Lable And Medication!

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Posted Jun 16, 2009 at 2:09:45 AM
Subject: Death By ADHD Lable And Medication!

From the washington post scary stuff.... But yeh, it is such a low difference it won't matter if i medicate my kid.... Unless.... Your kid could be one of the unlucky few just as easily as anyone else's. I have seen these drugs kill up close and personal. I had to stand there and watch a friend drop on the ground and die infront of my eyes. It wasn't pleasant. So i put this here.... In hopes that some people or actually everyone will think far longer and far harder before feeding their child potentially lethal "medicine" for an LD which no one can even locate in the brain or prove with anything organic that can be measured by true science. Ask yourselves, If some guy's observations and annalysis with absolutely nothing hard or scientifically relevant behind it qualifies as better evidence against your child than the spectral evidence given by little girls in Salem during one of the uglies witch hunts in the history of man. The ask yourself if this spectral evidence is worth it to you to medicate and potentiallyy kill your child on.

Children taking stimulant drugs such as Ritalin to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder are several times as likely to suffer sudden, unexplained death as children who are not taking such drugs, according to a study published Monday that was funded by the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institute of Mental Health.

While the numbers involved in the study were very small and researchers stopped short of suggesting a cause and effect, the study is the first to rigorously demonstrate a rare but worrisome connection between ADHD drugs and sudden death among children. In doing so, the research adds to the evolving puzzle parents and doctors face in deciding whether to treat children with medication.

Doctors have speculated about such a connection in the past because stimulants increase heart rate and have other cardiovascular effects. Physicians are currently advised to evaluate patients for cardiac risks before prescribing the drugs, and FDA officials said Monday that those guidelines do not need strengthening in light of the new study. In a press briefing called on short notice Monday, FDA officials said that given the seriousness of ADHD and the rarity of sudden death - which strikes fewer than 1 in 10,000 children - the benefits of the drugs outweigh their risks. Agency officials urged parents to discuss concerns with doctors rather than deciding on their own to discontinue a child's medication. The study's lead author, Madelyn Gould, a professor in child psychiatry and epidemiology at Columbia University, said she agreed with the FDA's advice. Click here to find out more!

"This study reports a significant association or signal' between sudden unexplained death and the use of stimulant medication, specifically methylphenidate," the study researchers concluded, referring to the chemical name of Ritalin. "While the data have limitations that preclude a definitive conclusion, our findings draw attention to the potential risks of stimulant medications for children and adolescents."

Since an experimental study comparing the risk of sudden death among children taking medications with those not taking medications would have had to include millions of children to generate a useful scientific result, Gould and a number of colleagues conducted what is known as a matched case-control study: They obtained information about 564 children in the United States who died suddenly and inexplicably between 1985 and 1996. The researchers evaluated how many of the children who died had been taking stimulant drugs by asking their parents and caregivers and by reviewing medical documents.

For every child who died suddenly and inexplicably, the researchers then found another child closely matched in terms of age, sex and other variables who died in a traffic accident. Taking a stimulant drug is unlikely to have played any role in a child getting killed in an accident. If stimulant drugs had nothing to do with sudden, unexplained death, then the number of victims on stimulant drugs who suffered such deaths and the number of victims on stimulant drugs who died in traffic accidents ought to have roughly been the same.

But Gould found that 10 children in the group that suffered sudden, unexplained death had been taking stimulant drugs, whereas only two children in the group killed in traffic accidents were taking such medications.

Robert Temple, director of the Office of Drug Evaluation at the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research at the FDA, said that the study had been well conducted, but that he was concerned that all parents may not accurately recall whether children who died were taking stimulant drugs. When a child dies suddenly, he said, it is natural for a parent to pay close attention to all the medications the child was taking at the time and to report that to researchers. By contrast, he said, parents whose children die in traffic accidents may be less likely to note whether their children are taking medications - and less able to report it years later.

In an editorial accompanying the study, Benedetto Vitiello of the National Institute of Mental Health said that ADHD itself might have increased the risk for sudden, unexplained death. If that were the case, he said, it would explain why more children taking stimulant drugs were found in the group that suddenly died than among the children who died in traffic accidents.

The researchers who conducted the peer-reviewed study acknowledged that its design precluded definitive answers, but they said that they had taken care to eliminate each of these potential confounders.

Vitiello said Gould's study underscores that ADHD drugs are not innocuous. Indiscriminate prescription of the drugs for general behavioral problems and the growing number of healthy teens and adults using the drugs to boost mental performance could have deadly consequences, he added.


Why shouldn't it be your child that dies next? Your child is just as human and just as mortal as my friend was. Your child is just as mortal as all the children that have died already as a result of ritalin and other ADHD drugs.

If you would truly give your life for your child as so many parents claim, maybe you should start taking some form of drugs yourselves to help you cope with your child's behaviors that you have trouble with rather than risking your child's life by feeding him the pills.

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Posted:Jun 20, 2009 4:56:01 AM

Recently on CNN there was a debate.
In which the one recommending medication stated it had to be part of every treatment and decision for treatment. He declared the proof of the illnesses or disorders he was treating the realm of science not psychiatry. How do you all feel about non scientists giving your child drugs? And doing experiments on them looking for the causation all the time. He stated he was treating very real symptoms tied to very real brain abnormalities but said it is for science to find and for him to just manage (or mismanage) the so called symptoms by giving children medications that could and do kill them. Medications that are the equivalent of cocaine among other thigns and he feels for *every* child they are necesary should they come into his office and then maybe later he will re think it... (After he receives his kick back per perscription.)

She could have sat there in silence while he hung himself.


Please do watch the debate for yourselves. It is shocking.

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Posted:Jun 22, 2009 11:47:01 AM

Research needs to prove a hypothesis and draw a conclusion to support the hypothesis. In addition, research needs to rule out variables such as other medical conditions known and unknown such as obesity or diet and have some demographic information such as age, sex, area of population (inner city verses suburbs).

Many public and private dollars are spent on research. Alot of research data results are inconclusive and do not support the hypothesis.

Currently, there is still research done trying to link autism to the MMR vaccine. There is no connection. Yet it stirs up public controversy and someone has to write a book about it.

I'm not sure how taking a sample of kids who are on Ritilan and died in a car accident, relates to the medication as a cause of death or any other death. Kids can and do die suddenly for many reasons, mostly related to undiagnosed heart conditions.

How is it okay to take medication for high blood pressure, diabetes or a heart condition, but it is not okay to take medication for ADHD? All medications have side effects.

I'm really careful about getting too involved with the news. The news creates anxiety and fear and it stirs up the public. No wonder why most people suffer from anxiety and depression. Just watch the news. We can choose to live life in fear or choose to live life with the illusion of being safe and feeling safe. I choose to live my life in security and abundance of joy, no matter what goes on the outside world. My inner world peace is what matters the most.


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Posted:Jun 22, 2009 1:51:00 PM

I am with you, medical doctors who are highly trained professionals treating a legitimate disease injury or defect that is detectable in some way other than sprectal evidence based on over analysis of certain behaviors which we all display to varying degrees is totally legitimate science. Ie, if you have diabetes take your insulin. If you have ADHD, that is a branding given to you by someone medicating you with a class 2 drug that is the equivalent of cocaine. They do this with no real idea what is actually wrong with you if anything. ADHD is the most over diagnosed thing in the world. If you can prove with some legitimately scientifically relevent test that measures actual evidence of this so called disorder (called a disorder because no legitimate thing can be pointed at as the cause meaning not only do they have no idea what the cause is but as they have no idea what it is it could be all together non existant.) Based on that i think children have every right to have their brains mature in a natural fashion without being fed class 2 drugs because some NON SCIENTIST decides he wants drug company kick backs. And as a child who was treated as a lab experiment by these NON SCIENTISTS (Acording to them if you watch the video) messing around with my BRAIN CHEMISTRY (I always thought chemistry was a SCIENCE) But apparently when it comes to children's brain any old crack pot who wants drug company money can push drugs on kids. School systems do it shrinks do it everyone does it america paying no mind to the severity of the matter that we are OVER MEDICATING OUR CHILDREN. Parents should be waiting till the brains are done growing and developing before pumping stuff into them in most cases. And unless a child is actually a danger to themselves or others i think you can't call it broke and in need of fixing until it is fullyy developed. That is like saying to a woman who is 3 months pregnant "Well we have decided your fetus should be delivered today fully functional and ready to breath and survive on it's own so just take this here drug that could make it maybe more viable since we don't understand why it isn't yet.... Don't worry we aren't scientists we are just treating the symptoms of pregnancy, 0otherwise in another 6 months you won't be able to tie your own shoes...." Yes that is exactly what i want messing around in my brain. Someone with no idea how it works or how it develops or what the long term effects of these drugws is. Someone who doesn't care if i live or die someone who sees me as a case of so called ADHD and not a viable human being with a right to develop naturally. If i still have problems once my brain is fully developed then maybe that is the time to start to deal with it with drugs on a case by case basis so long as no one who is not a harm to themselves or others is forced to take drugs. But atleast then nature has run it's course and something finished can be presented and if it is then found to be broken or disordered then.... ok....

I study science. I am married to a PHD in the subject. Trust me i know the difference between quackery and science. It is too bad most americans don't and as a result, they are damaging their children perhaps beyond repair in the name of fixing something non existant that is alledgedly broken so a bunch of billionares can make more money at the expense of the innocent. If you do not believe me on that, then i would like to ask you why it is that america uses over 90% of the ritalin supply of the world every year and the rest of the world is better educated and higher functioning with just that less than 10% left to go round? If we are all genetically linked which as an archaeologist, i promise you we are. And though genes mutate bit by bit why don't they have the same ADHD epidemic we have in the usa in europe when the vast majority of americans trace their lineage back there in only a matter of a few generations? Because.... Europeans, are not as easily fed bullshit. They ask questions they do research they understand science and are taught to live healthy lives. They love their kids and they know more about healthy life style than we ever will in the usa. Medicating children into zombies is not a solution to be defending. And that you are is really worrisom.

Especially when you take into account these drugs that we feed our kids stop working after 3 years anyway. So think of all the damage we do in the name of a short term fix. This isn't going to stablize our kids for the future. It is going to for the moment make them zombies so we don't have to deal with their issues and we can focus on more fun things for us. It is just that kind of parenting that is the reason why in a study done american kids ranked both the poorest educated and the least happy in the western world. But you sit on you sit on your pedestal with your blinders on and you deny the facts. You can deny evolution the holocaust the witch burningws in europe during the middle ages and apartheid in south africa etc too because what is being done to american children in the name of ADHD today is no stinking different than any of those things. And what is more, when you look in the mirror someday when the horrible truth does come out and it will. Will you recognize how not voicing decent when you should have is part of what caused this horror to happen to begin with? No you likely won't you will likely claim innocense you thought it was alright... No one was burning in those big ovens it was only jews it was only kids with ADHD. Except ADHD IS DISGUSTINGLY OVER DIAGNOSED AND OVER MEDICATED so it is not just those with ADHD now is it?

I hope you can look in the mirror and live with yourself. I hope you can recognize your desire for your inner world peace is what all parents in america latelyy strive for in a chaotic world and so they take it out of their children those too small and too weak to do anytghing about it. The only ones in this country unable to voice their opinion about anything. They are inadvertently preyed upon i mean something is wrong with this kid if it gets between me and my inner Om. That is what it is to be a parent. Parents who don't want that should not become parents. Simply put. I would suggest you think very hard about what you have said and what it means. And about how not all kids have a parent looking out for them. The foster care system for example and the drug corporations are tied at the hip. Even the man who named ADHD says it is over diagnosed by over 30% and probably more. He has stated it is over medicated in about 62% of the cases. And yet diagnosis is on the rise. I am not a crazy anti drug nut. What i am is a realist and a scientist. For exampple that mother recently that didn't want her son to get chemo, i am all for alternative treatments hooray! But i know rfor a fact alternative treatments can go hanbd in hand with very real treatments for a disease like cancer that can be detected int he body and that can cause death. ADHD has not been proven to cause death. No evidence besides so called behaviors have ever been presented for this so called disorder... Follow the gravy trail.... I feel that mother of that cancer kid should not have run. She should have consulted witch doctors she should have consulted homeopaths and herbalists and bach flower remedy people and she should have had him going to chemo wheather he liked it or not. I am not crazy and i am not anti drug by a long shot. But i think a legitimate disorder requires some scientifically measurable evidence before you go pumping children full of a class 2 drug thazt is the essential equivalent of cocaine. And if you don't then you are the one who perhaps needs some medication because that is just crackers.

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Posted:Jul 01, 2009 6:33:39 PM

It is not just ADHD. It is many different things. ADHD is probably the uh, "poster child" of this phenomina of the pharma corps taking advantage of and abusing the populace.


Hear it directly from the horse's mouth. By all means, do NOT take it from me. I am an archaeologist not a chemist or a doctor or even up on many drugs. I am pretty well read though on ADHD and all that entails, but again i am not a doctor or someone educated for this field. You should not take my word for *ANYTHING* Take it instead, from the horse's mouth. Watch the videos, read the site, think about it please for the sake of every child who will die due to these drugs and all the rest who will suffer majorly for the rest of their lives. And make no mistaking messing around in someone's brain with chemicals can will and does have some very serious side effects and long term effects. But don't listen to me. Listen to the drug corp's own sales reps. Take it from them. Because they know what they are talking about even more than i do.

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