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Posted Jun 21, 2009 at 2:30:01 AM
Subject: Sorry if this is in the wrong spot

Hi there, I am sixteen years old, and i seem to have a minor problem.

Ever since I began to write, i wrote some letters differently then the other kids. People start from the top when they write their S, I start from bottom, same with 2's. These two symbols are not the only cases in which i write it differently. I also couldnt correctly write lower-case a's until late first grade. They looked like D's.

Theres also a few other things that bother me about the way my mind functions. For instance, when I get asked long questions, I cant seem to follow, even though i try, I get easily confused when they use lots of words in the questions and i end up asking them to repeat the question. I also notice that when i study, I gain absolutely nothing from it. That and learning and trying to understand things on my own has been an impossibility for me. And when I cant figure it out on my own, I end up giving up on my homework.

My teachers say im a bright kid, but "I dont put enough into my work." when that is completely false. Maybe I dont put in a hundred percent because I give up on it to go to sleep or eat. That and I dont get the material.

I am good at math, and I can remember things well when i KNOW them. But if it was something like Physics where I dont completely get the material, then I cannot learn it on my own. I tried to go to my teacher early in the morning, however, It did not totally help much. I still kinda got lost during the test because I feel the questions are asked differently on paper than voiced by the teacher.

Is there something wrong here?


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Posted:Jun 26, 2009 11:57:47 PM

Have you ever been evaluated for a learning / processing disability or ADHD? Contrary to what some may think, it is actually quite possible to be very bright (even gifted) and still have areas of weakness.

Have you spoken to your parents and/or teachers about your concerns? Perhaps together you could come up with some strategies that would be beneficial?

How is your comprehension when you read text compared to when someone reads the text to you?

Each person has strengths and weaknesses. We all must learn to find solutions to help us overcome or compensate for our weaknesses. If you are having a problem processing information an evaluation would help to determine exactly where you are having issues and identify appropriate instruction or compensation techniques that might be beneficial.

Best wishes.
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