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Posted Jul 08, 2009 at 11:29:26 AM
Subject: frustrated

i've been in college for the past two years and was diagnosed with NLd while i was in grade school after being misdiagnosed with ADD by another doctor, its gotten to the point that the college that i attend wont even help me with what i need to succed in class to even get my degree all the advisor keep telling me that i need to get rediangosed in order to get services but i have all the documents saying that i have been diagnosed with NLD and it has gotten to the point when i cant succed in class my parents wont help me with my classwwork to help me succed i am soo lost right now i cant even talk to my parents since all they keep telling me is tha ti have to go back to college but i know that all i will do is keep failing my classes and it is frusrating that these advisors dont believe me that i have been diagonsed with this and have dealt with it for years i just dont know what else i can do

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Angela in CA
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Posted:Jul 21, 2009 12:39:43 AM

I sympathize with your frustration. You are eligible for disability services at your college, BUT you do need to be retested / evaluated. You say your diagnosis was in grade school. New testing will give you an idea of your current strengths and weaknesses. Nothing you discover now will be any worse than the suffering you have been through struggling along without services. Do try to get free testing from the college. Just explore the options for testing - who, where, how long will it take, etc. Take care and best wishes.


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Posted:Sep 12, 2009 7:59:53 PM

Hope you have gotten diagnosed. And remember, you are still young. If you need to regroup for a year, do that, go back. Good luck

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