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GRE Discrimination Awareness Action

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Posted Jul 14, 2009 at 8:42:07 PM
Subject: GRE Discrimination Awareness Action


I’m a student with learning disabilities who had an absolutely horrific experience with trying to write the GREs (seriously- it was like something out of the 50’s). I’ve since decided to take some action, and am asking for other students with disabilities who had bad experiences with ETS to forward me their personal stories. I’ll be putting them together and then sending them to ETS, the APA, CPA, and any other professional organization I can get (we may also consult with a lawyer).

I will also be circulating a petition for disabled and non-disabled persons to sign, demanding an inquiry into the testing situation and reforms to how they provide/facilitate accommodations.

If you’re interested in taking part in any way (to sign the petition when it’s officially up and running or to share your story), feel free to e-mail me at anna_webster80@hotmail.com

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Posted:Nov 05, 2009 7:06:00 PM

Hi I am having trouble with them too. Can we work together? I started asking writing letters over the summer. I asked one of my professors if I could also use it for my final project for his class because I could not keep working on it with all of the other things I needed to do. I posted my own message because I did not see yours. It is also under the post-secondary education forum. I have a Traumatic Brain Injury and getting accommodations for the GRE was a nightmare. Then I asked for an accessible version of the study guide (an audio or screen reader compatible one) and they said that they only had Braille and Large Print. They wrote an e-mail sating that "Someone can read it [the practice test and study guide] to her[me]" I am still in the process of sending letters to politicians and gathering interviews. I e-mailed the governor of New York and so far he has been the most helpful politician that I have contacted. One of his offices is forwarding the information that I sent him to an advocacy group in Maryland. If anyone is willing to answer questions about their experience let me know. I have e-mailed questions to several people already but all of them are my friends and I would like to get as many interviews as I can. My e-mail address is larissa.mccormick@gmail.com. I will also send my information an interviews to politicians, the Department of Justice and the media. I think the more complaints and stories they get from the most sources the better. Someone is going to need to us listen eventually. Thank you from posting this message.
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