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Unsure what this is..

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Posted Jul 28, 2009 at 6:30:39 PM
Subject: Unsure what this is..

I just wanted to ask and see what people on here thought.. I havent found any information about this online anywhere.

I have a problem with doing online learning. I dont seem to retain any information at all when I do skillport classes of any type, to the point I have to re-read the slides over and over just to grasp what they are saying, and unless I print things out I just cannot seem to pass the tests that go along with them. I have tried taking college courses online and have had the same result. I have one failure on my transcript over over 100 hours and it was an online course. I have enrolled in no less than 6 other online courses and withdrawn within a couple weeks after finding myself unable to accomplish anything in them.

I dont have any trouble reading online, it just seems to be with the presentation of the material. I struggle badly with it. I do great in class rooms, I do fine with self study if its out of a textbook, I have no reading comprehension issues, but I just cannot seem to grasp things when done through online training.

I have over 30 courses to complete for my profession that are all on skillport, and must complete them by the end of the year. I have completed a lot of the other training courses but only by either printing out the answers during the test or by using the power point slides to search for the answers in while taking the tests.

Does this sound like a learning issue or a disorder or anything? I have been able to avoid it for a long time but its starting to catch up with me.

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