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Roseville Ca school: No $ for reading, plenty for lawyers!

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Posted Aug 03, 2009 at 4:21:28 PM
Subject: Roseville Ca school: No $ for reading, plenty for lawyers!

Joseph Tyler spent 7 years in the Dry Creek School District in Roseville, California. By the time he was in 6th grade, his math scores had gone from "proficient" to "far below basic". His reading and writing skills were at a 1st grade level. Joseph's parents filed for due process to get a trained professional to teach their son basic academic skills. Joseph's IQ is at least average and is perfectly capable of learning. In a single year, a properly trained reading specialist selected by his parents brought his reading up 3 grade levels. The school district however, "forgot" to teach him any math even though they had a written agreement in his Individualized Education Plan to do so. Now the district has not agreed to continue his reading services even though he still needs to climb to a 7th grade level. Now it will cost them more in legal fees to attempt to stop Joseph's services by going to court than it will to pay for them. The district now is using three attorneys trying to fight this family in the past few months.

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