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Compare Contrast and learn! Truth Stimulus

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Posted Aug 04, 2009 at 8:51:21 AM
Subject: Compare Contrast and learn! Truth Stimulus

I came across this small article today. As many may know and many may not. My husband is finnish. A PHD from Helsinki University. He has the most amazing education. It cost him $0 and 0 cents. Even the PHD part.

The reason i wanted to make this post was to make a point about american ideals. I wanted to give atleast one wonderful example as to why students in Finland where they actually spend less money on education per equal ratio of students to the USA actually has the highest and best educated students on this planet according to a recent study. This study also showed finnish children were also in the top 5 for happiness. Many scandinavian countries were up there as they have similar education systems and budgets, etc...

Another interesting thing about Finnish education is that they never pay to attend. It is covered in taxes. Unlike American taxes which all goes to military finnish taxation is split between many things including military but also alot goes to education. There is nearly virtually no reccognized and even less medicated ADHD. Very few are labeled as LD. The reason for this is because of the way the teachers teach. As a standard over 75% of the teachers in Finland (who are payed actually less than american teachers and on average can be shown to be far more dedicated professionals with alot more understanding and compassion for their students)are actually highly trained and qualified LD teachers in a country with some record lows of labled children. Becauuse this is their educational background this is how they teach and reach each child as a standard in their classrooms.

Also there is stuff like this, projects like the one i came across today. http://www.yle.fi/mobiiliuutiset/news/news31.html
See how truly behind americans are in education where we have trouble just funding chalk? Why are we not upset about this and why are we not holding our government to atleast equal standard with tiny little nations that just mind their own bussiness and keep a low profile. Why aren't we at the top of the list of well educated students in america? Does anyone else not see the irony in america considering itself the land of opportunity when the cornerstone and foundation for all opportunity is education??? or am i completely alone in seeing the problem here....

Is it truly easier to keep waving our american flags screaming our allegiance to it and to some ideal when the ideal is not supporting our children effectively and is not providing them with the opportunities they are entitled to simply on account of being burn under this flag? Is it really worth while for us to keep up this nationalism that is just this... cancer on the nation that is literally killing off the opportunity of american children? What will you do today to stand up for a change that will benefit our children's education? Call your local congress people or send them emails include this article from Finland and voice your concern for american students. *ALL* of them. Those with LD and those without. They all need your support and allegians far more than some silly piece of striped and starred material does.

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