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given no curriculum would love some help!

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Posted Aug 18, 2009 at 11:57:39 PM
Subject: given no curriculum would love some help!


I'm a new teacher, I have 3 M/M SDC math classes at a high school each class with about 10-15 kids. My challenge is that I was given no curriculum, except for a few handouts from my program specialist. I was told to just do life skills/consumer math. Which is great but I'm having a difficult time getting going with my class and not sure where to really find stuff. I spend the majority of my evenings scouring the internet. My classes also (like most SDC) have a broad range of students ability, from almost pre-algebra work to students working on multiplication. I know one curriculum will not encompass all my students needs. But I do feel pretty overwhelmed.

If anybody has any ideas, suggestions or advice. Would love to hear.



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Posted:Aug 19, 2009 8:28:12 AM

Have you tried contacting other teachers in the district? They can probably direct you to curriculum resources or give you ones they have extra of.

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Posted:Sep 12, 2009 7:52:19 PM

Its been a month since you posted, how has it been?
I remember when I was hired at my first teaching job ( the day before school started), the principal opened the closet to show me my supplies... there was one box of addition flashcards!!!!! " Oh, things were borrowed, they'll probably be returned"
Anyway, my advice is to make your requests very small and specific, so the other teacher gets the feeling you know what you are doing, but just a few small things. It makes them more likely to share, knowing you won't depend on them for everything
Good luck

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