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Changing Caseworkers in High School

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Posted Aug 27, 2009 at 12:01:52 PM
Subject: Changing Caseworkers in High School

My daughter has had an IEP since first grade, she is now a Sophmore in high school. I finally have someone who expresses my daughters best interests and that would be her case worker. Her case worker is also a teacher at the school. With this, my daughter has a credited "study hall" with her and in her IEP, one of the things listed is that she can take her tests in her room as well. When I had her last IEP, at the end of her Freshman year, almost everyone - district rep, school Pshychologist, speech, etc - said she was doing well and that test came back and she was great, the need for services wasnt there. EACH and EVERY year, they tell me this. In fact, this is not true - to push a kid up and out of the system is a crime in itself. The caseworker that is also advocating for my daughter, produced test's that she had given my daughter and grades, etc. and showed another side to their results. The test's that the Districts give are so general that my 8 year old can wize through and pass. My daughter has problems with proccessing and communication. She is great with doing things handson, visual, etc. but not so good with reading and taking tests!
My question is.... yesterday I was informed by my daughter that the case worker from last year is not the same for this year. my daughter still has the case worker from the freshman year in that "credited study hall". I was under the impresion and understanding that this case worker was going to be her case worker through out high school unless caseworker moved,etc.
Nothing was mentioned in regard to a new case worker or the possibility of one. Even the freshman caseworker is surprised that Brittnie isnt on her case load. Brittnie has made great strides and I know that this caseworker is behind and supports my daughter 110%. She goes the extra mile to get and make sure things are provided for my daughter.

Can they just change her case worker without letting me know? WHen do I even know of the new one? I havent heard anything. I called the school and all they can tell me is that it can change. Funny.... the school established a "homeroom" teacher to each student. This homeroom teacher will remain there teacher throughout all the years and will not change (unless move, etc). Why would they change a case worker when the one that you work with was fine. I had no complaints. The only thing is that the others around the board did not like the fact that my daughter case worker stood up for my daughter and for myself at the last IEP meeting to state that she, in fact, needs to have an IEP.

Is there anything that I can do to still retain the same case worker. I do not want to switch and I know the freshman case worker wants to oversee my daughter. Is there anything that I can find that would state laws or anything to this? would it be on my IEP of that change? Any and all information is greatly appreaciated.

I do know that my daughters schedule was changed at the last moment by the school psychologist (same one at the meeting). Wonder if this had anything to do with it.

Thank you!

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Posted:Aug 27, 2009 4:40:25 PM

Our HS changed case managers each year. I've been told they have since changed the policy. I know of no laws federal or in our state that addresses how the school handles who is responsible year from year only that someone is.

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