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G+LD+ADHD: looking for Specificly trained assesors/psy (UK)

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Posted Aug 30, 2009 at 12:10:06 AM
Subject: G+LD+ADHD: looking for Specificly trained assesors/psy (UK)

Hello everone,

(Unfortunately, research in France is still very limited so I would probably find something in the UK.) Following unfruitful investigations with UK/Fr organisations (Skill, Dfes, BDA, etc) I am contacting you for guidance should you have some time to provide such information. France is even less advanced than the UK, the UK than the US.

I have been diagnotised by a NNAC centre with 'borderline dyslexia' and currently read HE degree in the UK as a freshly mature EU student (i.e. not eligible for the DSA).
The testing and assessment interview has been quite generic and traditional (plus the fact that English is not my first language_ I am French) and consequently are still open to vague interpretations.

From my own reflection of personal life+schooling experience during my last decade (from 'very brillant' to faillures), and for what I have understood in research papers on this topic (principaly from North-America), I found that my weaknesses/strenghts/& symptoms I manifested until then correspond with G/LD (giftedness & learning disability/dyslexia).

In my university, learning support services are efficient for physically impared students but are still (in my opinion and for other student-users I talked with) too generic and limited in terms of diagnosis, no financial support and/or reduction of cost for EU based students, and limited and inequitable (in line with what DSA can provide to the university through Home students high allowances, i.e: high costs since there are high allowances.... In comparison, Dyslexia Action provides less expensive services with no particularly different tools). After failing twice at university, I have been permited to retake my year in 2010, however, and after having sent a request, I have not been permited for any further consideration for appropriate support.

Should you have some information/contacts in the UK, my questions are the following:
If required, where can I be -appropriately- screened for G/LD or G/ADHD or even G/LD/ADHD? (+for non-native adults, neither for LD separately, nor G separately)
Where can I find bespoke information/services/private-public allowance-support/tuition ? (G/LD, for non native adults, EU) This will be more convenient than relying on generic, relatively over-rated tuitions.
What would be the implications of being screened as G/LD ?
May have you any contacts who is aware of such specificity please?

Thank you very much for your time and patience,

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