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Needing help

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Posted Aug 31, 2009 at 5:35:59 PM
Subject: Needing help

My son is having problems bringing home his homework/assignments and parent print outs. I just found out he has had homework twice already and has not brought anything home.What suggestions can I give the teachers on this? We've talked about separating his subjects in folders,but he doesn't even bring the folders home!At his last IEP meeting we discussed a check off list that he has to check off when it is completed,I've asked about it and got no answer.I also don't think it was written in his IEP just discussed,even though I told them that this would be a problem.Now they are seeing what I told them was right!I know if its not written down in his IEP it doesn't happen! But how to I get anything added tohis IEP?

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Posted:Aug 31, 2009 7:15:06 PM

May i give a word of advice, it likely isn't a matter of organization for him. It is just not to his interest probably. It is more hassle for more hassle. Lose lose for him. I would suggest having his teacher somehow fax or email you (so you can print it out) or go pick it up each semester at school from his teacher yourself. And then go in accordance with the assignments and when they are due. That way it gets done, no hassle for him but the hassle f doing it.

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Posted:Sep 01, 2009 8:45:57 AM

IEP's are incredibly flexible documents which can be ammended at any time there is need.

Have you talked to your son about what is going on? Ask him what he thinks could help him. Make him part of the process and give him some responsibility for the solution.

Communicate with the teachers on a regular basis. You can request weekly assignment lists be sent by e-mail or ask if the school has an automated assignment system that parents/students can call or view online. My daughter's school has a special web site for accessing such information and teachers have their own pages where they post assignment information.

Somewhere along the line you will find what works for your son and he will also develop a sense of what works for him.

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