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education codes compliant? help!

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Posted Aug 31, 2009 at 6:13:52 PM
Subject: education codes compliant? help!

I need some advice on my six-year old son's FIE. I am in Texas, and we do have a dyslexia law. I'll try to keep to short and to the point....

-Son recieved speech therapy through Child Find (at school district), the year before kindergarten. He was identified as Speech Impaired. Speech therapy stopped when I enrolled him in private school. School district said he was no longer eligible since he would not be attending public school.
-Son entered private school kindergarten. He began showing signs of LD...(dyslexia). .
-I requested the school district evaluate him for dyslexia last May. They told me they did not evaluate children in private school for a specific learning disability. However, if I fully enrolled him, then they would look for dyslexia. I told them he would be enrolled for first grade. They evaluated him "non-specific" LD, since he was not enrolled in public school.
-They determined he did not qualify for extra services (other than speech)...
-They did not do a full battery of tests.
-They told me they did not test for "written expression" at his age (6) and they didn't have time (in order to be compliant with the time frame), and they could not test him for "reading fluency" and "vocabulary"......because he couldn't read. (Wtf?)
-They did not include the information from myself and son's kindergarten teacher (samples, report card, Stanford Achievment Test scores, which showed K.2 for sounds and letters, 1.8 for listening, thinking skills) As a matter of fact, they said we DID NOT provide them.

here are his scores:
comprehension- 11
similarites- 9
digit span- 7
arithmatic- 8
picture concepts- 10
block design- 8
picture completion- 7
symbol search- 10

Tests of Cognitive Abilites III-
sound blending- 86
retrieval fluency- 89
auditory attention- 103
rapid picture naming-81

WJIII- form B
basic reading- see WIAT-II
Reading Comp- 70
(passage comp. 66)
(reading vocab- unable to read the words)
Reading fluency- unable to read
Writen expression- not tested at K level
(in FIE report, it says his writing was slow and labored, reversed his letters, and wrote "b" and "c" when "a" was provided in the 15 seconds allowed
Math Calculation- 86
(calculation- 88)
(math fluency- 82)
Math Reasoning- see Wiat-II scores
Oral expression- 104
Listening Comp- See WIAT-II for total
(understanding directions- 89)
(Oral comp- did not administer)

(word reading- 89)
(math reasoning- 96)
Oral Language
(Listening comp- 97)

Last but not least: And i'm not sure how they got these......
Gc- 100
Gf- 95
Gsm- 88
Gv- 88

Compliant with Child Find? (evaluation for suspected LD)
Evaluations? (a not-so full "full individual evaluation)
Determinations?? (based only on his FIE, did not consider information provided by teacher and I)

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