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NLD and school placement?

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Posted Sep 05, 2009 at 8:49:12 AM
Subject: NLD and school placement?

I am new to this site and I wish I would have found it a long time ago, it has been so helpul :-) My son just had a Neuropscyh Eval this summer which showed an average IQ but his Verbal IQ is in the 80th percentile and his Processing IQ is in the 5th(40 pt spread!) The report showed low average scores in math, fine motor, executive functions, processing speed, writing... He has been on an IEP for several years for a "written expression" LD (he is in 3rd grade) but has been in a Reg. Ed classroom and gets pulled for OT/APE/Speech and a tutor assists him with his writing 40 min x 4 days a week. At the end of 2nd grade he began experiencing anxiety( not being able to go to sleep and OCD behaviours) After presenting this new evaluation and 1 month of fighting with the school they have now have re classified his IEP. This will allow him to go to a resource room, the problem is our school doesn't have one and he has to change schools. This is very upseting because he has issues with social skills( difficulty with eye contact and has an articulation disorder) and problems with anxiety in general. Now this decision falls on us, to keep him where he is in the same school as his brother or move him across town to another school where he will receive more educational assistance. Have any of you had to make this choice? Do most kids with NLD receive services in a resource room? My child can complete grade level work just not at the pace in the regular classroom. It takes him twice as long to "get" the info and by that time the class has moved on. Thanks for listening. I would appreciate any advise you can give me.

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