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Posted Sep 05, 2009 at 5:49:01 PM
Subject: Bullying

My son came home on Friday crying,he said someone on the bus beat him up.He told me that the boy continued to hit him even after they got off the bus! The boy hit my son continually in the face,and even kicked him in the face. I called them immediately and they told me they will pull the tape from the bus on Tuesday.I want to know what is the school procedure on this? My son has has a problem with the same kid,on the same bus last year,and I called the assistant principal and he told me he would view the tape and said he did not see anything,then he talked with the bus driver and the bus driver said he did not see anything,but yet my son came home and told me the boy was picking on him and told me his name! So I was wondering what procedures will they take so this will not happen again?

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Posted:Sep 06, 2009 7:32:16 PM

Kids don't usually make this stuff up. If yuor son says it happened prolly did happen.

The bus driver is a driver. His/her job is not so much to supervise the kids as the roads to make sure everyone gets home in some semblance of one piece.

Ask if you can view the tape yourself. Ask if your lawyer can view the tape also. Ask your son to produce a re-enactment of it with dolls. You need to know what happened and where the cameras are aimed. I have never heard of a school bus with cameras in it so it sounds like who ever you spoke to was just trying to feed you anything to get you to shut up and go away? But i relaly dunno so have them prove the tape exists.

Then, take your son to court if they will not help you and you file for a restraining order for your son against the bully. You present it to the school. They then legally have to keep the 2 boys apart in accordance with the restraining order i should think. Which means new bus route or something.

But if they are claiming it didn't happen then they are operating under the delusional wishful thinking that it didn't happen in which case nothing will be done.

My advice to you is to hide some cameras on your kid like on a belt something tiny for a couple of weeks so that when this stuff happens you have documentation and it doesn't matter what their "cameras" show. You have your own evidence. Also maybe get your son a cell phone that takes photos and videos. Media is power. And if you give that to your child who ever is doing that to him is forced to stop as if they don't or if they break it you have a contract proving you bought it etc and you can say you gave it to your son and either sue for damages if it is broken, or file a theft claim if it is stlen by some other child from your son. Either way it pretty much proves your claim weather your son gets footage has his phone stolen or has it broken that he is being victimized on his way home. You will have hard proof because then you get to ask how did this happen and why? some piece of property has been damaged.

Let me explain schools to you.

When i was in highschool, the senior class my year, i had nothing to do with this. I would never could never harmm innocent living things. Or even guilty living things. They placed mice all over the school. These wealthy suburban chldren the kids of dr.s and lawyers and nobel prize winners. Had this holocaust of hundreds maybe thousands of little white pet store mice all over school.

The year before, they had done a funny prank the graduating class. They spray painted all of the parking spots in the parking lot handycapped Which was hysterical. It was surprising shocking a jolt first thing int he morning when you drive in to school. But no one and nothing was injured. Each one of the parking lot kids had charges pressed against them by the school. They had to pay each over a thousand dollars. They were denied graduation with their class. The incident was added to their sschool records and was then provided to the universities they had planned to attend to see if those unis would still accept them...

Know what happened to the mouse holocausters? Nothin. Literally, nothing. Because no property was damaged. I managed to save one of those mice bought it home my mother was angry we already had a cat and a dog that i had rescued. So she called the school to ask what gives?! And the woman on the phone who answered actually laughed proudly and pretty much said kids will be kids.... No harm done... Yeh, no harm until those kids switch from murdering and torturing animals to torturing and killing people which iss actually frequently the case. Sooo i dunno why punish these kids who damaged no school property??? But they took hundreds of lives that day.

Schools don't have their heads screwed on straight about the human factor. They don't want to see it and choose not to. Unless it is somethng expensive that they might be held accountable for some object worth alot of money or unless t is destruction of their property they don't care. So the welfare of your son, doesn't even make the list.

My advice is go get a restraining order. Present it to the school and the bus company and anywhere else it is relevant to present it. Infact, have them even sign a statement when you present them with a copy that states they have received a copy. Then legally they have no choice but to uphold the law. And they will because if they don't they are liable for alot of money, should your son come home complaining again.

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Posted:Sep 10, 2009 2:48:00 PM

A camera on a school bus is becoming the norm. I would ask to view the tape of the entire ride home that day.

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