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A response to Mike the dj

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Posted Sep 08, 2009 at 12:36:04 AM
Subject: A response to Mike the dj

This is a very belated response to user Mike the DJ, on a subject posting last year, forum topic about ADHD and the Marine Corps.
My friend, your posting about you trying to get into the military very much touched me on a personal level, and I wanted to communicate to you a twist of fate I had. You said that you were mistakenly given a 4-F code from the Navy because of an errant diagnosis of Schizotypal disorder. Well, you can consider me as having "served in your place" in June and July 1990, at the old RTC in Orlando, Florida. In the fifth week of training, I was referred to the "Eval. unit", as I was having severe adjustment difficulty. My diagnosis was Schizotypal Personality Disorder, along with a strong Obcessive Compulsive undercurrent. I was subsequently E-L Separated, Medical, with RE-4, personality disorder, and never again could serve. Altho you might not have this problem and the navy erred' in your case, I came to realize the military wasn't for me in the first place; tho don't regret altruisticly taking the oath to protect my country and serve. BTW, I was a "nuke" designate, making the paradox more strange. I flunked three inspections, that was my undoing.
Mike, if you're still on this forum, I'd love to communicate more with you.

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