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Differentiated Education and the Millennial Generation

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Posted Sep 16, 2009 at 1:23:57 PM
Subject: Differentiated Education and the Millennial Generation

Globalistic: Writings from a Millenial Classroom 2009 is a book composed by a group of freshman and sophomore LD students at Denver Academy. It speaks directly to parents, educators, and other students about abilities, opportunities, and a can-do spirit that some fear may be lacking in the upcoming “Millennial” generation. The editor, Ramsey Brookhart, adheres to the philosophy that “we must allow students to be as much our teachers as we are theirs.” This is a book that showcases how Millennial students with varied learning styles and intelligences express themselves and learn how they learn best. This book explores how our youth learn differently and think differently, partly due to their generation, and partly because of their individual learning styles. It emphasizes this idea – Give students a rich environment with many kinds of media to use to create something that is an expression of themselves.

My questions are: How do you use varied mediums and forms of self-expression in subjects geared to question-answer formats, such as math? Are many people aware of the differences of the Millenial Generation?

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