Parenting a Child with LD or ADHD

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I have a 16 year old son who was dx. with Dyslexia in 1st grade through Scottish Rite in Dallas. I knew from a very young age that something was different about him. I had an older daughter with no difficulties. My son would never let me read to him, but he would sit for hours alone looking at books. He never learned his ABC's. He couldn't write his name. He was very creative and has and amazing imagination. Early school years were absolute torture. He would sit in the back of the class, trying his best to disappear. He began screaming every morning on the way to school. He would go to the nurse constantly complaining of anything that might get him sent home. He would break his pencils and tear up his homework papers in frustration. Around third grade I really noticed the depressions, usually starting around October and lasting until late spring. He was always happy in summer, very calm, easy going and pleasant. During the depressions, he would say "I'm dumb" and worse. Through the years, we've had some sympathetic teachers, and many who were horrible. One eighth grade math teacher in particular was brutal. She would flat call him lazy, she did this to his face and to mine as well. She would say that he just didn't want to apply himself, even while in ARD meetings when I'm literally crying, showing her the paperwork from Scottish Rite, along with all the other testing that was done through the years. I remember saying, "Do you really think that he has set out purposely to fail since he was in kindergarten?" It's been awful. In high school, especially, he changed. His freshman and sophmore years he was "Special Ed" but mainstreamed. They wanted him to do Content Mastery and he would flat refuse it in the ARD meetings, telling them not to even write it in there because he wouldn't go. He didn't want his friends knowing. So they shorted assignments and tried to give extra help, which he hated. His friends, it turns out, always knew. At the end of his sophmore year, they re-did his testing at school. He "passed" and they exited him out of Special Ed and said that he had no need for 504 modifications. I'm wondering after all these years of testing, is it possible that he figured out how to "beat" the tests? His friends give him grief about it, if he turns right instead of left, they all laugh and say "He's dyslexic!" They even put a sign on his car that said "Dyslexic Driver." He was very angry. I just got his first report card for his junior year. He bombed Chemistry. He also failed Algebra. He reads very well. Writing is difficult. Math is difficult. It's also other things. He has no sense of direction at all. He has difficulty dialing phone numbers. He can't make change. He cannot tell time unless it's a digital clock, despite my trying and trying to teach him. How did he pass the tests? Isn't dyslexia uncurable? I know that it can be overcome to a degree...like with the reading. He had an amazing dyslexia teacher when he was younger who did wonders with that part of it all. Why do dyslexia programs only last for a few years? Why don't they continue with them throughout school? Just a few days ago he told me how he still felt "dumb" and incapable and that he felt that he'd never amount to anything. I have ALWAYS told him how smart he is - and he is. His IQ was so high that for a while they had him in gifted classes, but they were writing a lot of research papers that he couldn't do. He's the funniest person I know. He has incredible artistic ability. I drove to work that morning last week crying after he told me how he felt. I'm sorry this is so long, I just needed to vent. If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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Posted:Oct 11, 2009 10:45:30 PM
Subject:Ren's Post

Quote Ren:

If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Have you ever had him evaluated by a developmental optometrist?

Rod Everson

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