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Has anyone used Audiblox?

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Posted Oct 19, 2009 at 1:53:50 AM
Subject: Has anyone used Audiblox?

My 15yod has ADD/ADHD, dylexia, and auditory processing problems. Last Nov., I took her out of a charter school for dyslexia because she was so far behind, and began to homeschool her. I started her on Audiblox, Math U See, and the Barton Reading Program. She is doing much better now and is able to follow directions without excessive explanations. I noticed improvements about 3-4 weeks into the Audiblox program, but I also began the other programs and made the home-school switch. I am wondering if anyone has seen success with this program. My daughter and I are getting very tired of doing this and I need to either get re-motivated or quit. At this point I'd be grateful for any suggestions or does anyone want to buy an Audiblox system?

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