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discriminatory grading rubric??

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Posted Nov 16, 2009 at 9:47:32 PM
Subject: discriminatory grading rubric??

Greetings -

I'm trying to determine if my son's school has implemented a discriminatory grading rubric. I suspect that it has.

In a nutshell, the rubric calls for an increase in a well-behaved (1 rating) student's mark by a third (say, from B to B+) and docks a poorly-behaved student (a 3 or 4 rating) by a third (B to B-).

My feeling is that if a student's class behavior is IN ANY WAY adversely impacted by either a learning or a behavioral disability, then this grading rubric is discriminatory.

(I also happen to think that the policy is devoid of academic merit and logical rigor -- if a given piece of work merits a B, then that's that, whether the student is polite & charming or a horse's behind.)

Thoughts? If you're in agreement, can you suggest a Federal or state (MA) remedy?

Thanks kindly.

- Richard
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