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Private vs Public school

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Posted Dec 04, 2009 at 3:51:11 PM
Subject: Private vs Public school

I would like your opinions to help me make a decision.

My son is a Jr. We just moved states. He has been on an IEP since he was 3 and had a 1 to 1 aid through 8th grade. He has made huge jumps with different programs we have done but now I am not sure what to do.

He was taking advantage of his IEP and got away with doing no work. I figured he would be better off an IEP so he would rise up to the occasion. I put him in a Catholic School where he has to drive about 30 minutes each way to school. No IEP of course. It has a small size, does random drug testing so I am less worried about that but he has regressed in his executive functioning skills and he is drowning in homework. He is still not doing the work. He is doing B-C considering he never reads the material and does as little as possible.He plays football since the school is so small.

Do I keep paying huge $ each month and risk his life driving so far on a busy highway since he is not really learning to write better or get his work done without full my support. Or do I send him to a school 5 minutes from the house that is known for it's drugs, he would sit the bench in football but he would have the support of an IEP.

Any thoughts?


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Posted:Dec 05, 2009 5:22:23 AM

I am going to assume he really likes playing football? I wouldn't mess with that.

Being LD means your life is destroyed soon as you are diagnosed. It means yhou never get to feel normal or have the kind of life other people do. It means it is way harder to get a job as an adult etc. I do not reccomend taking one of the only joys away from him at this point. I think it is a horribly terrible idea.

I also think you are being ridiculous. If your child is getting Fs or even Ds as an average you have everyh legitimate right to complain and to consider the possibility that he should be going to school elsewhere and getting more help. If your child isn't interested in the school material so what? Doesn't he have any say in anything he is 16 you say??? So i am sure with stuff he likes he works harder at. Still he has the good sense to not let it go to the point of failing. So what is your problem with that??? "My son is not a straight A student in every subject every report card and he should be because i think he should be who cares how he may or may not feel so now we are thinking about taking the sport he enjoys away from him!" That is what you are essentially saying and it is ridiculous. If your kid is actually failing you have every right to ask the question. But when your kid is getting average to above average grades then he isn't the one with the disorder that needs help you are. Because it is clear no matter what he does or doesn't do you won't ever be satisfied. Give the kid some space... geez.... and if his grades start dipping as a standard to the odd D have a talk with him and comp-lain you would be well within your rights. And if his grades don't atleast go back to average at that point then ok consider a change or when he brings home Ds and Fs as a standard again talk to him first time second time you can start asking questions like these. Till then just be supportive of your kid and stop whining that your child is maintaining a grade level average because you are one of those insatiable parents. Know what happens to those? I have not spoken to mine in 3 years.

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