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Did you say dyslexic blogger?

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Posted Dec 05, 2009 at 9:47:25 PM
Subject: Did you say dyslexic blogger?

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you. You saw correctly. Robert Langston is officially now a blogger and today is his very first blog. Robert Langston has his own blog at Psychology Today speaking on the topic of dyslexia. Take a look:


Actually, he is much more than just a blogger. He is a public speaker, a philanthropist, an author, a son, husband, father, and all around nice guy. My daughter and I actually got to meet him at the IDA conference. He was gracious, motivating and encouraging. He took the time to speak directly with my daughter and a few other young persons after his presentation at the International Dyslexia Associations 60th Annual Conference.

Later, at the book signing for his new book, "The Power of Dyslexic Thinking" he inscribed the following words of wisdom to my daughter, "The Power of Dyslexia is within you!! Go make a difference." It made her day.

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