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I had no idea where to put this so I figured I'd post a topic in the category that I felt related to me :)

I'm 20 years old. I was first diagnosed with ADD when I was about 7 - 8 years old. The reason for me being tested was because my Dad, then in his 30 somethings, was diagnosed with ADD also and seeing as ADD/ADHD is hereditary they decided to test me as well.

I own/run my own website at http://www.heretic121.com/ which is run from one of my home computers. I've created this website, and my own Social Networking Service, using what knowledge I have of PHP ( http://php.net )
I spend the majority of my time using and working with computers as I've found that it's pretty much the only thing that holds my attention long enough for me to be any good at. The only problem with this is that it holds my attention too well sometimes. I forget things so easily and have had many run-ins with past girlfriends and family/friends because of it.
I won't continue with the bad things though. Learning things isn't difficult for me, so long as I learn them my way. Basically, I'm more of the "Let me try it for myself and I'll pick it up as I go along" type of learner. Which meant I failed miserable when it came to my GCSEs due to the fact that I couldn't keep pen on paper long enough to write anything useful.
I'm currently unemployed because I'm well aware of the fact that no employer is likely to employ, especially with the UK's currently unemployment rate.

I guess that about raps up the 'This is me' post. Sorry for the wasted 5 minutes due to reading this, just didn't know what else to say... :)


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Posted:Dec 25, 2009 4:08:02 PM

Welcome. Congratulation on the new web site and learning what interests you. Thank you for contributing from your personal perspective.

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