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Questions about applying to grad school for engineering.

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Posted Jan 05, 2010 at 6:03:22 PM
Subject: Questions about applying to grad school for engineering.

I am working on applying to grad schools and am just about to send my first app in and am looking to see what others have for advice/ experiences, especially as far as getting into a engineering program is concerned.

Background:(read if you would like of skip and go to questions further below)

I'm 28 go to the University of Minnesota and am in their Biomedical engineering program. I was diagnosed with Dyslexia/dysgraphia last year, though I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and a vestibular processing order when I was young and I trust that diagnosis much more than the clown who did my second one. Before this I went to a tech school for auto-body and did that professionally for a couple years before deciding to head back to school. I started at a community college had a ruff time but after retaking classes got into the U of MN with a 3.1 AAS degree. At the U of MN, my first year was horrible and I think I had a 1.9 GPA after my first year. I got kicked out and petioned to get back in based off my LD and the fact that I was put into classes where I did not have prereqs. Since then over the last 60 credits my GPA is 3.26, and I just rettok the GRE and got a 520V/680Q. Throughout all of this I only had LD help during one semester which was last spring where I gt extra time on math related test(My life). I took on a large challenge last semester and took 25 credits(13 undergrad/12 grad) and got a 3.26 the only thing that kept that from a 3.5 was 2 classes that were relatively complex math intensive. I have also been doing research with a Prof who seems to like me and Im sure he speaks very well of me.

1: In applying to grad school what has been your experience with LD.

2: How have you written your personal statements is such a way that you are not try to make it a life excuse but show that your abilities are not exactly what is seen on paper.

3: what experiences do you have with very competitive grads programs(top 30 or better)

4:Should I really try to hit them with how I have gotten what I have with extremely minimal assistance.

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Posted:Jan 09, 2010 6:27:20 PM

Hello Matt, I have to say Wow! You've done very well with a tremendous load. Students without disabilities would struggle with 25 credits in one semester. Some things I would suggest:
1. Get some strong letters of recommendation from your professors who are familiar with your dyslexia and your achievements despite it.
2. It can be helpful to note your disability and then shift to the things you've done to be successful. You wouldn't be making excuses. You would be demonstrating that you have the ability and drive necessary to succeed despite the dyslexia.
3. If you are passionate about your work, show it in the way you portray yourself and your goals. Why, for example, did you choose biomedical engineering? What in your life made you wan to dedicate your life to discovering new and better ways to treat diseases and develop medical technologies.

I personally attended graduate school, though not a top 20 school. I've also helped quite a few students with learning disabilities get into college and be successful. I hope this has been helpful to you too.
Best of Luck!
Ann Logsdon

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