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PLs help: Tests seem to show something different

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Posted Jan 07, 2010 at 11:02:59 AM
Subject: PLs help: Tests seem to show something different

My daughter Ava (6yr 10mo.1 grade) has received a number of tests. In pre-school she had trouble with learning her alphabet and memorizing sequential information. Now she is testing slightly below grade level in reading (according to the DRA assessments used in our county). It is evident she has trouble reading and has not other trouble in math, science, history ect.
To me these test show inconsistency and the WISC test results appear to be the most troubling and unexpected.
Here are the results:
Woodcock Johnson III (March 2009)
Comprehensive Knowledge - High Average Ability 117
Long Term Retrieval - Low Average 83
Visual Spatial Thinking - Superior 121
Auditory Processing - Average 97
Fluid Reasoning - Average 106
Processing Speed - Average 98
Short Term Memory - Average 83
Phonemic Awareness - Average 111
Working Memory - Average 90
Broad Attn: Avg 89
Cognitive Fluency - Avg 107
Executive Processing - Avg 105
Associative Memory - Below Avg 79
Then there is the WISC IV test. This was given in Nov 09 and the school Ed.S noted that there was a "rare discrepancy between two of her composite scores. As a result her FSIQ may not reflect her potential." these test seem off in Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI) and Perceptual Reasoning Index (PCI) and consistent in Working Memory Index (WMI) and Processing Speed Index (PSI) to the Woodcock Johnson.

VCI - 100 50 percentile
PRI - 90 25th percentile
WMI 83 13th percentile
PSI 78 19th percentile
FSIQ 87 19th percentile
GAI 96 39 percentile

There were two subtest with extremely low scores that would pull down the composites. the symbol search was a 4 and the Block Design was a 7 and she lost points for time.

What does this mean on clinician said she was avg to superior cognitively based on the Woodcock and the other said she was low to low avg based on the WISC?

What LD does she have and how can I find out? Can anyone point me to how an LD impacts the results of the WISC-IV?

Thanks for any help. I am truly at a loss for what our next steps can be. I know my daughter and I know she is smart and capable.

Thank, MC!!!!

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Posted:Jan 07, 2010 7:49:15 PM

Post your scores here:


There are several members who are adebt at tests and measurements.

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