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LD and schools!

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Posted Jan 11, 2010 at 9:17:28 PM
Subject: LD and schools!

I am having some concrens about my 8 yr old son. He does have a IEP. I also, took him to the Pupil Project for testing. His dignoses is visual processing disorder, audio processing disorder, dyslexia. He is also, ADAH and has amblyopia . Anyways, school always dignoses differently under an IEP but, he is seeing an OPT, visual program at school plus extra help in the smaller class setting with an LD teacher. He was held back in "K" so, this year he is in first. I went for his IEP renewal a few months ago and they said he was coming along good and showing ALOT of improvments from last year. Well, his report card came home yesterday and there is an area of concern on almost every line. It doesn't reflect the progress I have seen nor what I was told. Is there other places for my son to get help for these learning disabliities? I don't understand if I'm missing something with all of this. Sometimes it seems like he is getting help other times I feel my son is being pushed back on the side and I'm being told he is improving at one moment then shown different at the end of a year when they decide to hold him back. Any answers to what or where I'm suppose to go from here would be great.


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Posted:Jan 11, 2010 10:03:21 PM

Can you post the raw data of test scores so that others might be able to point off you some additional suggestions that would be appropriate?

In additon, this web site might provide you with some assistance in understanding addressing dyslexia:


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Posted:Jan 12, 2010 10:58:58 PM

These are from when I had him tested to help speed up the IEP process. Also, included is his current vision test results. I will add his IEP report scores tomorrow.

Corrected vision/Dignosed Amblyopia
Right: 20/30+ simple Snellens
Left: 20/40 simple Snellens
Both: 20/30+

*Pupil Project (Visual Preceptual Elvaluation)04/28/2008 Test Date*
Third Edition (WIPPSI)
Full scale IQ 90
Verbal IQ 86
Performance IQ 100

Bracken Basic Concept Scale-Revised (BBCS-R)
Total score of 88
School readiness of 79

NSUCO Oculomotor Test: unable to execute accurate smooth pursuit eye movement with head and body movement and 3-4 refixations.

VMI standard score of 74
Motor Subtest standard score of 67
Visual standard score of 87
Spatial Relationship (Pictures)standard score of 58
Spatial Relationships (forms) standard score of 80
Reversed Letter and number of a pair standard score of 90
Reversed letters in words standard score of 74
Reversed letters from non-reversed letters standard score of 76
Reversed numbers from non-reversed numbers standard score of 66
Letter Sequence standard score of 68

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Posted:Jan 13, 2010 8:15:59 AM

When the school provides you feedback regarding progress, you need to make sure that the measures are objective and measureable. Here is an excellent article that will help to understand why that is so important:


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Posted:Jan 13, 2010 2:25:57 PM

For additional input on the testing performed, this thread may be of value:


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