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Do I have an LD?

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Posted Jan 19, 2010 at 4:58:56 PM
Subject: Do I have an LD?

I posted this on another healthboard but having done some research into ADD I discovered this website. I would really appreciate any input.

I've been seeing a councilor for a few months now. I go for a few reasons, partially depression due to health reasons, but also because recently I've come to the conclusion that it's very possible I have some kind of mild learning disability and would like to at the very least get it diagnosed and try to overcome it, or find out that I don't have one. The councilor's not been much help, and I'm seeing a GP this week to possibly get a referal to a psychologist. In the mean time I thought I'd stick my symptoms on here and see what you guys think.

The main problems are:
I've had trouble making friends as long as I can remember. Even in primary school I was a loner, but not through my own choosing.
I find it incredibly difficult to make conversation, when talking to people I never know what to say next. I am known to be very quiet, but this is not due to shyness.
I am socially awkward, I have difficulty making eye contact and dislike eating infront of other people.
I am clumsy and bad at sports. I have bad spatial awareness. I can walk into a room and not notice a major difference, and I am terrible at recognising people's faces.
I have been perminently fatigues and had trouble sleeping my entire life, although I think this is because i'm much happier on a night.
My memory is massively below average. I have trouble remembering more than three things at once, I do not remember people's names or faces, I find it very hard to take in most facts. This includes the most basic things, such as somebody says 'how are you' or 'what did you do today?' and I can't remember.
I have a very bad concentration. I have spent most of my life daydreaming. When I try and focus on something I am constantly distracted. This means reading is especially hard, especially as I don't remember any of the stuff I just read shortly afterwards.
I read slower than anybody else I know and writing things takes forever. I constantly make spelling mistakes and have to triple check everything I write. I am dependent on writing lists in order to get things done.
As a result of these things I am a very slow learner. I cannot usually pick things up without doing them myself several times.

If this were simply the case then I could accept that maybe i'm just not very bright. However, there seems to be some evidence to the contrary:

In spite of the above, people tend to consider me quite intelligent, infact a lot of smart people think i'm smarter than they are.
I got three A's in my A-Levels and am studying Philosophy at a highly rated University (albeit it my grades are low and I am struggling to keep up with the rest of the students! I feel incapable of storing the amount of knowledge required for my course.)
Despite my social awkwardness, I enjoy debating with people and can be quite a good team leader. I would be very confident if I weren't constantly held back by the above problems. I am quite a good writer (but it takes me much longer to write anything, something that would take anybody else half an hour generally takes me hours to finish writing). [note: my writing is particularly bad right now as my laptop was stolen over xmas and i'm still getting used to a keyboard half its size!]
Despite all my social problems, I have several friends in a few different cities (i moved three times in the last four years), less than most people i know but a lot more than i used to have, and although i'm thought of as being quiet and occasionally awkward, i don't thnk anybody would actually consider me to have a learning difficulty and all have been surprised when I told them I think I might.

Generally, I feel like I have a perminent mental block. I think I'd be quite intelligent and socially comfortable if I didn't have such a bad attention span, if i weren't such a slow learner, if I wasn't so physically clumsy, and if my memory wasn't so limited that often I literally have no idea what you said when we spoke yesterday.

Does any of this sound familiar? I have about 75% of the typical symptoms of dyslexia... basically all the ones except the ones that are actually associated with it: mixing up words, letters and numbers. My councilor thought I might have mild Asperger's Syndrome, and that's what i'm speaking to the GP about this week. But the main problem I have is my memory and that doesn't seem to be a major aspect of either of those conditions.

Edit: It's since writing this that I discovered the memory problems that seem to be linked to ADD.

Does any of this sound familiar? These problems are causing me to get incredibly depressed and I just want to know if they're 'something' and what I can do, if anything, to help with them. Any advice or suggestions would be wonderful. =)


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Posted:Jan 20, 2010 1:54:27 AM

Joss, getting a test is expensive, but as you are at university, you might be able to get it for free. So go and have a talk with your Students Support Office and see if they will arrange and pay for testing?
Then you might also get some accommodations to help with your studies as well.

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