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It is still an uphill battle for some students to get accoms

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Posted Jan 24, 2010 at 7:11:17 PM
Subject: It is still an uphill battle for some students to get accoms

Read the attached article about one Medical student appealing decision to get extended time:


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I read the linked article with interest as my daughter wants to go to dental school next year. It seems as though there are so many hurdles to overcome. She has done really well in college and has always been given extended time on exams. I just wonder now if she will be granted extended time when she takes the DAT exam. If not then her dental aspirations will have been squashed in a heartbeat. There is NO way she would do well enough without extended time. She processes and reads very slowly though she is very bright. I can't find much information on going to grad school with a non verbal learning disability but would love to hear from others in this situation.

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