Parenting a Child with LD or ADHD

Financial Help? Scholarships? Financial Aid?

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Posted Jan 26, 2010 at 10:59:38 AM
Subject: Financial Help? Scholarships? Financial Aid?

My 7 year old was diagnosed recently with dyslexia and ADHD. He is showing signs of depression and very low self-esteem in the public school already. We met with his teacher at the beginning of the year to address what we were noticing, and the teacher started talking about how much paperwork it was to do what we were asking of him.

His psychologist has suggested we either pull him out of the public school and homeschool, or send him to a school that specializes in students with these learning differences. We have identified one, that uses the Orton-Gillingham approach (The Hutson School), but it is very expensive. I will tighten my belt where necessary, but with his mother not willing to help with the cost, it is going to be tough. Are there any scholarships or programs out there that help with the financial side of meeting the needs for these children? Thank you.

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Posted:Jan 27, 2010 7:47:51 PM

Have you spoken to the Hudson school directly to see if you qualify for any assistance?

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