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overwhelming math homework with ADHD and dysgraphia

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Posted Feb 03, 2010 at 12:56:34 PM
Subject: overwhelming math homework with ADHD and dysgraphia

My son and I are working an uphill battle with a local community college b/c the teacher is not willing to accomodate him and gives him 70-100 written math problems per night - which he cannot due due to ADHD and dysgraphia (writing disabled). We went ot disability services and all they could suggest was to give more time for testing, or for him to quit the class. We notified them a week into school. It's now three weeks into school and he's still staying up all night til 4 or 5 to finish the assignment. Does the law demand that the instructor must reduce his homework assignments and provide a way he can do them online - without writing them?

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