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Posted Feb 11, 2010 at 2:25:39 PM
Subject: Reading and Math LD

I am currently workign on getting an appropriate IEP in place for my 10 year old son who has multiple issues including dyslexia, math disability and executive functioning deficits. I am getting closer to achieving what I feel to be an adequate service plan for his reading. My current problem is getting math services in place. My 10 year old 4th grader tests as having math facts on a 1.6 grade level and applications on a 2.4 grade level. My issue is that his current remediation plan is not addressing his deficit of basic math facts. Instead they are working on more advanced math with the use of charts, etc to compensate for his lack of knowledge in basis skills. He is unable to competently add and subtract single digits, and unable to mulitply or divive and demonstrated many other problems with basic number sense. His teachers advise me that "not all children learn these" and that as an adult "he can use a calculator" to get by. Their focus is teaching the process of math and have effectively given up on helping him to gain these basic skills. He is being taught touch math to better allow him to participate in mandatory state testing. He does has an average IQ despite multiple learning disabilities and I have not been informed in any way that he is unable to learn these skills. Does refusal to provide services to teach him basic math skills constitute a denial of FAPE?
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Posted:Feb 14, 2010 3:02:50 PM

Where are you in the process of getting an IEP for your child? Is there one in place now or are you still in process of creating one? I am assuming you have one in place already. You as part of the IEP team have the right to include your input and develop every aspect of the IEP. You should speak your mind for his math goals. If you have an EIP in place what does it state for his math goals that would be helpful information? If I were helping create your sons IEP I would state a math goal something like this: The child will increase basic math facts of adding and subtracting single digits 1-10 until he can independently complete the task of 4 out of 5 times. Always include some verbiage to get evidence based data to show progress to his goal. Be as specific as possible of what goal you are wanting. I agree he needs these basic facts to build upon or he will not continue to progress. I would at this time argue that the more advanced math concepts do him no good and that he as being delayed in math should be given alternative testing in math for the state assessment.

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