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Cognitive Skills-Short-term Memory, Processing Speed, VIsual

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Posted Mar 27, 2010 at 8:27:39 AM
Subject: Cognitive Skills-Short-term Memory, Processing Speed, VIsual

Does anyone have experience with LearningRX? My 9 year old was just tested by them and it showed three areas below his age: Short-term Memory (-2.9 years), Processing Speed (-2.2 years) and Visual (-0.3 years).

The other areas were 4-7 years above his age. Their 12-week program is very expensive, I believe it would work, but does anyone know of another program that will not cost $5,000 and will work on these specific areas?

Thank you, Mom101

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Does your child attend public or private school?

Why did you get him tested? What areas were you noticing difficulty?

What specific testing did they do? Do you have the subtest scores? You may want to post the testing scores here for additional feedback: http://millermom.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=Education

I am always leary of tutoring franchises. Non many are equipped to deal specifically with the challenges of LDs and the board discussions are often topics of parents who spent large sums of money with little or no return on their investment.

Here are some questions to ask before hiring tutoring professionals: http://delicious.com/dhfl143/questions

Best wishes.

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