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Re: Barton, PAF & Sing, Spell, Read & Writ

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Re: Barton, PAF & Sing, Spell, Read & Writ

: I'm the originator of the (more long-winded) Orton-Gillingham message
: below. After trying unsuccessfully to delete and edit it to
: include the more pointed subject line above, I am posting a new
: message soliciting info. on the above programs, which I am
: considering for my LD/dyslexic almost 9 year old son. (See the
: longer message for details.) Since I wrote it I have come across
: Sing, Spell, Read & Write which is used by a private school we
: are considering for our son for next year. Help sorting out these
: programs would be appreciated: the sheer number of programs out
: there is beginning to make me crazy!!!My son is dyslexic and I tried Sing Spell Read and Write when I did not know what the problem was. It did not work. Now I know why. He has problems with rhyming and understanding sound in relations to print. He does not carry a tune and singing is not his thing. This program turns a lot of the sounds into songs that children can sing over and over again to help with memory recall and auditory discrimination. It taught to my son's weakness and not his strength. If you are struggling to identify a program, think about what are your child's strengths and analyze the program from that point of view. Does it use his/her strengths to remediate a weakness or does it expand on the weakness alone.A teacher and mother of a dyslexic

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