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Susan Barton knows her stuff..

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Susan Barton knows her stuff..

PASSWORD>aaI221mi7wL3IShe was a great help to me through the internet and advised me to get LMB training. A year later when I wanted to learn about orton-gillingham I flew up to San Jose and took one of her OG trainings. She is a very good teacher and trainer. She was talking about her reading program then and has been working hard for literacy in the Bay Area. Her nephew had trouble learning to read and that is what got her involved in this business. She is knowledgeable about LiPS as well. I have training in LMB programs and I didn't find that the Barton Program confusing or that it interferred with what I already knew and how to teach a child to read.PAF is that through EPS, I am not familiar with that program.Hope this helps you. I have been where you are and LDOnline is a great place to learn lots things from experienced parents.

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