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Re: Orton-Gillingham reading programs

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Posted Mar 14, 2001 at 12:00:01 AM
Subject: Re: Orton-Gillingham reading programs

PASSWORD>aanI5mhz.lf4UYou can order PAF through EPS - I have the manual which is very comprehensive and does use Merrill Linguistics Readers. I ended up not using it because we were overseas and I didn't have the readers, but I'm now being trained in O-G and my teacher said that Merrill readers were very good and knows of the PAF program which follows along the O-G lines. I didn't feel capable of doing the program myself at the time, but now I think I could handle it - it's all spelled out in the book.I am looking for opinions from anyone with experience of one or both
: of the following programs: the Barton program (a simplified O-G
: program by Susan Barton, and the only program provided by tutors
: in my area) and PAF (Preventing Academic Failure, also O-G
: inspired and one I'm encouraging my 2nd grade son's teacher and
: school to purchase as the teacher is using the Merrill Linguistics
: Reading Program; the PAF program is designed to mesh with it). I
: have not seen either of these programs covered in a discussion
: board. My son is starting LIPs, so the decision about a reading
: program can wait a little while. I will most likely go with Barton
: if it checks out ok as the LIPS providers also do it. I am hoping
: the teacher will start PAF, but may do so myself if she
: can't/won't. (It is much cheaper than Barton.) Will Barton
: "fight" or mesh ok with PAF if I start the Barton
: further down the road if needed? Will getting LIPs and PAF at the
: same time be too confusing for my son? (His phonemic awareness on
: Rosner's test is fine until grade two, at which point it crashes.)

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