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Career In Massage Therapy

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Subject: Career In Massage Therapy

Massage therapist’s uses to treat paining, stress, achy and sore muscles using Manual manipulation and some specialized massaging tools and tips. They also promote the general health and a good living life style of their clients. Each state has different types of licensing required for massage therapists. They can offer Variety of services to their clients according to their needs and problems. A study says that consumer visit massage therapists 114 million times each year.

Those seeking a career in massage therapy will find over 1,000 massage therapy postsecondary schools, college programs, and training programs in the United States. Training programs may focus on certain modalities of massage such as Swedish massage techniques, full body massage, pregnancy massage, acupressure, hydrotherapy, reflexology and hot stone massage. Top quality massage therapy programs will also provide services such as post-graduate job placement and continuing education training to keep up-to-date with new techniques and regulations. Massage therapy schools or programs that meet an accepted level of quality training will have received accreditation by the United States Department of Education (USDE).

Massage Therapy Schools

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