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Visualizing tasks with Picto Selector

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Posted May 03, 2010 at 11:01:23 PM
Subject: Visualizing tasks with Picto Selector

Reposted for teachers on behalf of Martijn van der Kooij.

We have the experience that we can help our youngest son of 7 a lot when we visualize the daily tasks for him. Things like drying himself after taking a shower, taking a shower etc can be performed without our help after we visualized those tasks for him. And after a while he can do this without those visualizations.

Creating those visualizations was a lot of work, using Word with pictures is a pain. Especially when you want to change / move things around.
Therefore I've created a application (I'm a software developer for 14 years now). To make this easy. I'm currently sharing it as freeware and it is combined with 12000 pictures.

The symbols are coming from the websites Sclera.be, Mulberry and Arasaac and have a Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Catalan translation. The application itself also supports those languages.

At the main screen picto sheets can be viewed and added. Each sheet can be printed. Pictos can easily be selected from a list and placed between existing pictos, this makes it extremely easy to alter existing picto sheets.

Other options are:
- Text pictos, use text as a symbol
- Photo picto, use a (part) of a photo as a symbol
- Clock picto, set a time to create a symbol
- colorize- change the symbol by painting a wrong / good picture over the symbol. Or change it's color

A nice blog that gives an good impression can be found at: http://Freeprintablefun.org

If you want to head directly to Picto Selector You can find it at: http://www.PECSforAll.com
Martijn van der Kooij
Creator of Picto Selector

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Martijn van der Kooij
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Posted:May 13, 2010 12:45:12 PM

Version 1.2.4 is now online.

- Time Timer Picto. A new picto type that represents a time timer. Add a time timer picto, set the time and change it's appearance and ready.
- 140 new Arasaac symbols
- german and italian translations of the Arasaac symbols added
- an option in the RMB of a picto in a picto sheet to reset the name to it's original value
- added a new wrong bitmap, a forbidden cross as used in road signs (see
- i've made the good / wrong pictures less transparant, this improves it visibility

Time Timer picto on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ktrgXlBPZI

The new version can be installed by selecting the menu item "Check for updates" in the "Help" menu.

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