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Help finding job for sister with severe LD

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Posted May 21, 2010 at 6:50:15 PM
Subject: Help finding job for sister with severe LD

Hello everyone,

I have a sister who has learning disabilities and need some info on how to get her a job. Ever since she finished school she has been pretty much at home but is constantly asking about getting a job. I feel for her because I know she wants to do something productive and needs something in her life to keep her active. I could imagine her helping out in a daycare for school aged children or organizing books at a book store. Both my parents work, and I live at my dorm and during the summer I work, so just taking her out a couple of times a week isn't really possible. We all support her in getting a job but just don't know how to go about it.
However, I should say that although she is 23 years old, she has difficulty in doing basic math and reading/writing simple sentences. She also lacks the ability to count money and other things that involve numbers. However, she can do physical thing on her own and can be left alone but is much to naive to really go anywhere alone. It's not because she can't get around but she just looks very young, about 13, and behaves like a 7 yr old, and well there are some not so nice people in the world so it's best to not let her out alone.
Basically I'm here asking if anyone knows what organizations/people/offices I should contact about placing her in a job. By the way I live in New Jersey/New York so anything in that area would be best. I would really appreciate any information.


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Posted:May 22, 2010 12:40:25 AM

Perhaps this resource would be beneficial:


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Posted:May 22, 2010 4:55:07 AM

Melissa, for someone with an LD entering the work-force, it is often a real mystery to try and identify what sort of work they will be able to do?
Where the only way to really find out, is to find a job and see how it goes?
Though, one way to start, is to do some voluntary work with a non-profit group.
This presents a way of trying out different jobs, without the worry of being dismissed.
Which will also help her identify what she can do?
As well as what problems she might have in a work-place?
It would also provide her with some work experience.
You also mentioned Child Day Care as a possibility?
Where some voluntary work with a Day Care group could be an option? So that she would get to know what is actually involved, and what sort of work she could do in Day Care?
As well as make connections with people in the industry. Which could then lead onto a job?
Where she will have some references and work experience.
So this could be a way for her to approach it?

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