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LD and Omega 3 and memory

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Posted May 21, 2010 at 10:49:36 PM
Subject: LD and Omega 3 and memory

Hi All,
I am 40 years with dyslexia. And I guess to some degree learning disability. I want to ask few questions.
1) I saw a study on discovery channel regarding Omega 3 deficits and LD and how increasing your omega 3's improves it. I have been taking religiously Krill oil capsuls and Carlsons super DHA capsuls. After about a month, i notices GREAT improvement in my concentration and reading. Has anyone else experienced this?

2)I still have poor auditory memory. Remembering things that I hear and facts that I read. Does anyone know any software or programs or anything I can do to start improving and building my memory. I like many dyslexics have great visual memory but poor memory with anything I can't visualize.

Thanks All

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Posted:Jul 05, 2010 7:43:36 PM

Hi! I haven't heard of this but the things the Discovery channel provides are quit interesting. I would believe it especially if you say it helped you.
I will actually try it myself. I am into supplements and like to have DHEA for my mood. But I think I bought DMAE and that is supposed to help with focus and concentration.

But I will try to get some of that Krill supplement and see if it works for me. I used to (when I could afford it) have about 3 servings of fish a week so that is how I would get my Omega's. I get some fish but not as much as 3 servings.

I will try that when I get some money at the end of the month and then get back to you to see if it helps any.

I have dealt with LD the past few years. I have never brought it up with my doctor cause something else would always come up I would have to get checked out. But what I was just searching online today is if coffee makes anyone else tired. I drink coffee sometimes and it is okay, but I never get full awake from that stuff. I also buy those double shots from Starbuck's. They helped for a bit, but today I had a cup of coffee when I got up and then I was still tired about an hour or two later. Then I came home and took a nap. Then I drank that double shot which usually helps and I felt okay and had some lunch, but then now I am tired again.

So anyway, I searched for that and someone said that someone who asked that that they could have ADHD. I kind of thought I had that for awhile, but wasn't sure. But maybe this could push me more in that direction.

I've also have had trouble with math all my adult life. So I looked into that and it could have a learning disability called discalculia.

Just something to get checked out in the near future I suppose. I will see about that krill stuff. Might be a good thing. :)

See you around in the forums.

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