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would like to be trained in cognitive skills development

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Posted May 22, 2010 at 9:15:07 AM
Subject: would like to be trained in cognitive skills development

Two of my children have significant learning difficulties. The cost of the "big box franchise" for these two kids to go through a program is pretty much equivalent to going out and buying a new car...cash money out the door. Their "independent consultant" package (known as PACE) is blocked in my area, because of the proximity of their "centers". There are a number of folks online that offer various services, and we may end up going that route (in combination with a program like Brainware Safari or Brainskills).

However, it is my understanding that there is at least one individual (in Texas??) who has developed a program similar to what is offered at the "big box" franchise, and that it is possible to partner with her, learn the process, and then be able to help kids in your own community.

If anyone here knows anything about some of these "alternative programs", contact info, cost, effectiveness, etc. please email me privately, or post to this board.


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