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Tech Review for reading solutions - need advice

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Posted Jul 27, 2010 at 12:25:28 AM
Subject: Tech Review for reading solutions - need advice

Hi everyone,

Iíve been trying to figure out what are some of the best adaptive technology options for high school/college students in dealing with reading.

I couldnít find a comprehensive review so I thought I would post what Iíve found and see what people have to add.

Iím really interested if anyone has tried Read Outloud 6 (University Edition) on the Mac??? Itís a bit expensive but it looks like itís worth it.

These are programs Iíve tried/am thinking about trying and the costÖ

Read: OutLoud Bookshare Edition: $0 - Free to Bookshare members.
I would like to try this but itís not Snow Leopard compatible so I canít. The company says that it should be Snow Leopard compatible by the fall.

GhostReader - $40
This doesnít really do anything that the built Mac text to speech function doesnít do except that it highlights the text so you can follow along easier and I really like that. Itís great for proofreading essays and emails. And it will make mp3s of the text.

ReadHear: $119
Iím using the free trial on this for reading books from Bookshare. It crashes regularly but when it works, itís great (according to the website thereís a Mac software update coming so that may account for the crashiness). Donít know that I would spend $120 on it though.

Read Outloud 6: $319
This looks like it has lots of great features and it works with pdfs, even ones I ocr myself. It looks like thereís not a lot of converting stuff. I think this is my best bet.

Kurzeil: $395/$1100/$1500
I think this probably works great but Iíd have to buy the $1100 in order to scan in my own documents. Since Iím a grad student, I donít have that kind of money!

Any thoughts? Anything you would recommend???

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Posted:Jul 27, 2010 10:30:01 PM

I'd recommend Kurzweil 3000(see attached flash demo: http://www.kurzweiledu.com/k3000demo/k3000demo20.html

Another option that is less costly would be Claro Software: http://www.clarosoftware.com/index.php

You might also want to look into Read and Write Gold:

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