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Parenting, when YOU have the learning disability

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Posted Aug 02, 2010 at 1:24:58 PM
Subject: Parenting, when YOU have the learning disability

Are you a parent?

What are your specific problems in dealing with your kids?

I have two toddlers, and I have auditory processing disorder, word recall problems, problems remembering what I have been told to do or understanding when people give me instructions verbally - especially if I don't understand the purpose. I am often down for no particular reason and feel very overwhelmed as a parent. The noise and mess seems to bother me more than the average person. I do get stressed out more easily than my peers. Is this normal for a parent with LD? Does anyone else experience it?

Also, when I get overwhelmed I get angry, and it take s me a long time (like 8 or more hours) to calm down and stop panicing - especially when the kids are screaming and crying. I can't seem to turn it off.

What do I do?

What are other people doing to cope?

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Posted:Sep 01, 2010 6:46:16 PM

I don't reply often to posts, but this is something that I have been working on and making some progress. I too would get frustrated, depressed, yell, or otherwise over react. It was hard for me personally because it showed a side of me that was so opposite to my professional self (who is known for serenity and calm. You have done the first part right, you have identified the behaviors you would like to change. Once I began evaluating my actions I realized I was getting angry too quick. It might sound odd, but I sat my three kids (4,6,8) down and explained that sometimes I get angry too quick or let lots of little things make me feel nervous or upset. I asked them to help me, not get mad too quick by giving me a break when I'm getting mad and not making messes. I teach my students that behaviors happen FAST- Frustration, Anxiety, Stress, Tension- You have to identify what elements are actually in play for you. For me I am an absolute stress hog- I heap loads and loads of real and imaginary stress on my self. once I recognized the blahs and anger were my bodies reaction to stress, I was able to develop new responses to stress, like dealing with the little things or taking a jog and a hot shower...NO NAPS for me. After that I thought about all the supports I have for my job and how at home I try and go without, I started creating structures and routines that would help me. So.. BE honest, BE open, BE real, Be fair...BE HAPPY

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Posted:Sep 02, 2010 3:15:23 AM

Great question angie1; and, thanks LDteacher for providing somee practical strategies all us can try to implement.

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