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Strange Behavior

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Posted Aug 09, 2010 at 8:55:20 PM
Subject: Strange Behavior

My 13 year old son is ADHD and LD, with a few sensory issues. He uses a weighted vest at school, and does heavy work to help him focus. He's had issues in the past with the fire alarm and basketball buzzer.
Last night I went to tell him to go to bed and I walk in his room and every article of clothing was on the floor...out of his dresser. Didn't get it and he wasn't saying why. So this afternoon I go in his room and he's under the blanket in his bed, he gets up and he has on long johns stuffed with his clothing. Looking like Mr. Incredible. Which I though he was pretending to have muscles but then thought maybe it's sensory related and he likes the pressure and I asked him and he said it looks cool and he likes how it feels. I've now caught him a second time, but I think this is happening more often than I am aware. Has anyone else experienced this? I mean if he likes how it feels, I don't have a problem with it....except it's a bit odd...

Thanks for any input.


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