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Nonverbal learning disability & Auditory processing disorder

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Posted Sep 15, 2010 at 1:23:32 AM
Subject: Nonverbal learning disability & Auditory processing disorder

My 11 year old son just got diagnosed with low to moderate nonverbal learning disability and Auditory processing disorder. He was premature, born at 32 weeks. He is currently being intervened by the IEP program through his school district. Unfortunately, I feel that this help is not enough. Are there any suggestions for help other than just the school district? I feel that there is something else I can do for him.

Any suggestions/direction is greatly appreciated.

a very concerned mom,

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Hi Olivia,
Having just got the diagnosis, I would suggest that you need to become a bit of an expert on Nonverbal learning disabilities and Auditory processing disorders.
As these are general labels for a range of different sub-types.
So you really need to identify which particular sub-types are relevant to your son. So that you can use the right interventions.
For example, their is some confusion with Nonverbal learning disability?
As their is a subtype of the Autistic Spectrum called Non-Verbal Learning Disorder.
But their is another Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, that relates to Visual-Spacial thinking difficulties. More specifically, spacial thinking, which will effect organisational and sequential thinking, also cause difficulties with maths.

Also Auditory Processing Disorder, is made up of range of different sub-types. Where each use different types of interventions.
So you really need to dig deeper, to identify what the actual difficulties are. So that you can get interventions that address his particular difficulties, and not some generic approach.
So that you can get an IEP that suits your son, and recognises his individual difficulties.

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