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Things To Consider BEFORE LD diagnosis!

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Posted Sep 21, 2010 at 8:20:04 AM
Subject: Things To Consider BEFORE LD diagnosis!

There are a wide range of LDs out there. Some of them more severe and perhaps more legitimate than others. (or so hard science suggests.)

The rate labeling children for LDs is rising is rediculous and goes against the unusualness of the diagnosis altogether at this point of these various LD in many though not all cases.

It is crucially important to help any child that is having a problem. But as parents, we must be educated and we must be aware there are many kinds of problems. Many of them are very simple. When we get all upset and freak out about things, we stop thinking clearly and the result is, we become easy pray for people who want to use our children as money makers for themselves.

We freak out and in our fear we forget the most critical things. LD and help for LD is an industry like all industries it is designed to make someone money. Anywhere money is changing hands there is serious risk and potential for people to be cheated and abused.

So please, before you freak out and rush your child to see someone about an LD, first find out about the real problems such as things they can actually measure using empirical evidence. I say this as i am a case of ADHD misdiagnosis. My family was a mess when i was little. But more importantly so were my eating habbits. Recently, they discovered thati have had long term severe vitamin deficiencies Including Iron and vitamin B and vitamin A. When that was dealt with what semi symptoms of ADHD i had went away. Parents also think to themselves well how can that be a problem for my kid i feed them healthy food? Maybe you do, but there are all kinds of strange biological problems that can result in the lack of ability to break these things down for proper digestion. So just because you feed them to your kid does not mean your child is getting them. So please, this is one thing you must check before you get a diagnosis for your child. There are over 400 physical problems some of them serious to the point of deadly that can cause the symptoms of ADHD for example which are not screened for typically before a child is medicated for this LD.

Frequently abused and neglected children also have problems in school. Perhaps something is going on you are unaware of? Better to find that out than to medicate your child into submission due to the terrorism by the drug company's Al Quaida operatives in their nice white coats in their sterile environments.

Family problems can also cause many school problems. Perhaps a trip to a psychologist is also a good idea before you have your child labeled as something other and as less than in the eyes of society. Because you have no understanding in your fear panic and terror just what you will be robbing your child of in the future by having them labeled in your desperate panic to get them help. Perhaps it is some family dynamics issue. Worth checking first before you go ruining your kids life in the name of help and drug corp profits.

Recently i found this article


Please have a read through it yourself. It is interesting and worth reading. Perhaps before you allow someone to tell you something is wrong with your child perhaps you should look at the system in place and who the stewards of that system are and just how they are doing that stewarding of the system in your child's life.

A recent study puts American education as the worst in the western world. In europe you are more than 30 times less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD and more than 60 times less likely to be medicated for it. I don't wonder why that is. But as a parent, shouldn't you? Considering they are telling you that ADHD is genetic while pointing to nothing in the genes to actually prove their case. Considering that most of americans are descendants and follow their genetic lineage to europe shouldn't we be seeing a similar ratio of people with this LD if it really is genetic? Shouldn't we be seeing them then being treated the same way as our children in the states are? If we are not which we are not shouldn't we be wondering if they really have the best interests of our children at hand when we consider our system of education is so much inferior to that of the students over here in europe especially when we take into account that even the UN is making statements against the USA's over medicating of children when we are using more than 90% of the world's ritalin supply each year and the vast majority of that on children under the age of 16? We have been doing so for many years now and still, our education system is not turning out higher educated children. Infact it is doing the opposite. So might it stand to reason before you go ahead and have your child labeled or more importantly before you have them medicated perhaps it is wise to not trust blindly or make any decisions while in a panicked state?

I have also seen the differences in the way schools and teachers treat their students here in europe as opposed to the usa. My finding is that, they treat them as people. No one in europe ever has to beg and plead to use the toilet. Fewer stuggle with homework as the best school system in the world at a highschool level never allows their students to take home more than 45 minutes of homework per night. It simply isn't done.

The best school system in the world is Finland more than two thirds of their teachers are educated for LD education. Yet they make less than our standard teachers, they still provide their students a better education and treat themw ith respect and decency. Finnish children rank in the top 5 for most happy children in the western world. Dutch children rank at 1. American children rank at the bottom for that too. I have trouble believing that the general unhappiness and stuff of american children is not leading to more diagnosies of LD. I am not saying every case is a mistake but i am saying the rate at which we see it is ridiculous and it is very over diagnosed and people are making a profit from the over diagnosing while more and more children are falling through the cracks of a busted system and more and more parents are relinquishing their power over to the terrorists in the white coats on the drug corporation dole. Please, before you become such a "parent" (as if that word is even aplicable at that point.) Please, don't decide in panic and desperation. If you do , you are throwing your power away and your child's life away. You may not owe yourself better, that is for you to decide but you do owe your child better.

Before you have your kid labeled, please, look in the realm of physical reality first or you could wind up missing one of the lethal diseases that masquerades as ADHD for example and lose your baby completely. this is a warning of what could happen. I am not looking for a penny from you for anything. All i am asking you for is that you stop and you take your time and you don't make your desicions based on the terrorism that often goes along with the diagnosis process. I can quote hundreds of legitimate scientists who will tell you that diagnosis of ADHD for example is completely lacking in all scientific credibility. None of these scientists would say it is or isn't real. They would say, they have no idea if it is or isn't until evidence of a physical nature is presented that disproves this disorder or proves it. But before you allow them to take away your child's right to be treated like a reasonable humanbeing as an adult and before you let them pump your kid full of the chemical equivalent of cocaine, shouldn't they be able to give you something beyond an opinion based on the same kind of subject evidence used in the salem witch trials? And if they can't shouldn't you perhaps look elsewhere for answers and for help? Please, for your child's sake consider these questions and these matters when you are not in a state of fear and desperation. I don't want your money i don't want to scare you. All i want, is to stop children from being misdiagnosed and abused by drug companies and an industry that has forgotten what due diligence means. Because there was a time way back when, when i was your child. The difference was, there was no one who knew anything back then and no one asking any questions of a common sense variety either. The result is, many of us were fed dangerous drugs we never should have been on and were treated as science experiments rather than human beings by this industry seeking to use us to make a profit rather than seeking to really help us at all. So, i have been there, and now i am asking you to stop let go of the fear and desperation and make your decisions based on logic and common sense. Not for me, no one can help me whats done is done, but you can still save your child from this madness if you just think clearly rather than being influenced by the terror and the guilt and the nonsense. I don't want anything from you... I just want to protect your children from the damage this industry far too often inflicts. So please, first exhaust all physically legitimate possibilities before turning to pumping cocaine into your child's brain in the name of something that no one can even legitimately show any physical evidence for. If you find nothing using legitimate science then you can start looking elsewhere but LD is not the place to begin your search especially in the case of ADHD.

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