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New ADHD research, What does it mean?

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Posted Oct 01, 2010 at 9:20:33 AM
Subject: New ADHD research, What does it mean?

Because I am honest, I wanted to share this with everyone. Everyone knows my strong feelings about ADHD and everyone knows how much I hate the medicating of children.

But I am an archaeologist, which means my life is all about confronting scientific fact and proof.


This is a new study on ADHD. Please understand that the findings must be taken with a grain of salt for several reasons.

1. This study has only been done on a small scale.
2. This study is just 1 study
3. This study is only based on one ethnicity of people taking the study.
4. There is a lot of information as of yet we do not know about how the study was performed and who payed for the study and what the conditions of the study actually were. For example in some of the other studies they did that later proved to be faulty payed for by the drug company to show the frontal lobe was different (turns out based on legitimate science this is not the case at all) than in those of normal people. Which makes all of drug company paid for studies dubious in nature, including this study.

However, You can't assume guilt until there is proof so until there is proof this is very interesting and suggestive new information on ADHD, to be ofcourse considered with a grain of salt.

Does that mean we should start medicating kids for ADHD? No. And here is why... As of yet there is no test for this that can be done on the average child with or without ADHD to find out. So we are still relying on a completely subjective measurement scale to put potentially lethal chemicals into our children's bodies. Therefore, I remain against medicating for ADHD. I also remain against it because it seems to me, a stimulant for the brain is not designed to correct what is actually wrong with what this study indicates is the likely culprit of ADHD. So, you are not actually treating the source of the problem. You are only camouflaging the symptoms for upto 3 years, risking brain damage to your child and even potential death in the process for 3 "good" years you are destroying your child potentially for life.

However, unless we find out that this study is bogus, the suggestion remains there may in point of fact actually be some legitimacy to the argument there is infact an actual physical cause for ADHD. However, Until some of the results can be explained further and until we get confirmation through repetition of this study this study only provides a suggestion, not in point of fact conclusive proof.

I found this study really interesting and I look forward to reading more about this.

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