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Behavior problems with son

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Posted Oct 04, 2010 at 5:35:51 AM
Subject: Behavior problems with son

Right now I am in Afhganistan and the internet is pretty slow so when I get a chance I will try and go through the forums a little more. However I was wondering if anybody has any advice on what to do with my Son. My Son is 8 years old, and was diagnosed with a 120 IQ, Dyslexia, and ADD. He is starting 2nd grade for the second time and some of the bad behavior in school we saw last year is starting to come out again. Overall he is a very sweet boy, fun loving, and has no problems with getting along with kids his own age. However when he is in the classroom environment he will get to a point where he does not want to work, will shut down completely and wont do anything the teacher says and will just get a really bad attitude. They have a system where they start the day with say 3 lolipops by their name and when they mess up or do something they get one taken away till they have none and then they get a note home to the parents. Well he will pull this thing where he will not listen to the teacher then when he is told to take a lolipop away he will go up and take them all down and it just goes downhill from there. When I talk to him on the phone and I try to find out whats wrong and why he got into trouble he is always saying its not his fault he was ignoring the other students but they kept talking to him or the teacher wasnt helping him or she wasnt around to help. I just dont know what to do. My wife is really stressing about this. We just learned over the summer about my sons learning impairment so we are new this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Posted:Oct 04, 2010 12:54:06 PM

Frustration can cause a child to act out. If you can ascertain the specific areas your child is encountering difficulty (sounding out words, fluency, comprehension)and target those specific areas with appropriate supports -- it can do a lot to alleviate some behavioral problems. For the dyslexia, I would recommend you read the information contained at www.brightsolutions.us

Also, it can be difficult for a child to concentrate and improve academically, until the ADD has been addressed. Are you currently working with a physician to find an approach that works for your child?

Has he had a functional behavorior assessment and, if so, what strategies have they come up with?

If you are in the military, this article might be of assistance:


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