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GMAT Accommodations for Disabilities

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Posted Nov 03, 2010 at 1:59:29 PM
Subject: GMAT Accommodations for Disabilities


I am currently applying for non-standard accommodations on the GMAT and was wondering if anyone has any experience with the process, tips, advice, etc. Would love to hear from anyone that can share an experience as I am incredibly nervous about being denied.

By way of background, I have received extra time and use of a calculator since high school and on the SAT and AP exams. I received these accommodations in college as well and have 3 educational evaluations (the most recent of which is less than a month old) substantiating my claims. I am submitting my evaluations, teacher comments from high school, job performance reviews, etc. I mention these things because I know how important the paperwork is. While I did do quite well in college from a good school, I had accommodations throughout.

Would appreciate help from anyone! Feel free to E-mail me as well at egrossman@deerfieldalumni.org

Many Thanks!

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