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Posted Dec 01, 2010 at 2:39:38 PM
Subject: emotionally disabled

I have been elected to teach a classroom of primarily emotionally disabled children. What information would I want on each child? Where would I get this information? How would I use this information in the classroom?

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Posted:Dec 01, 2010 3:49:52 PM

You have been elected have you? I think then that i would not send my child atending the school you teach at. As i would rather have someone trained to teach to my child's needs not just any old well intentioned teacher lacking in the necesary background to even think logically about an issue such as what information they should ask for when going into a situaon like this. But, that is just me. Not blaming you. Not your fault you were elected. Bad system that allows for such things.

I would, if i were you, want to know what their emotional issues are and where they stem from. Do they stem from say some form of autism or was the child a victim of rape or some other form of abuse? Does the child come from a country originally in which they were tortured before they managed to escape? I think, when you deal with literally anyone in this life and this world, the most crucial thing you can know about them is where thy are coming from. It is critical for understanding. For example, then you know if you are teaching second graders with a little boy who has some horrible history what will cause him fear or terror. What situations might awaken horrible memories that will cause an episode of emotionality etc. I would think you would want to know about history and or any mental handicaps and also what those handicaps mean for functioning.

I would then, ask if anything has been helping and if so what. If there is a stuffed animal or some other thing that offers comfort to a child with a traumatic past, rather than insisting it sit out in the closet while at school you might want o allow the child to hold it if they are working while they do. You will have to make allowances to accomedate whatever emotional issues these children have. So that would be another thing i would want to know about. What accomedations are to be made for each one. I would also, want to know what i could do to make all of them feel safe and secure when they are with you in class. Feeling safe is crucial to a child with emotional problems. The other thing is, they will inevitably disapoint you. And you will need to make them feel safe from that too. So when you teach, you will have to detach to some degree so as not to get all upset when they don't do what they should or whatever. You might also, want to try taking a psychology class. Especially one dealing with evolutionary psych. It all goes back to that. So, if you know how survival emotions work, you will always have a point at which you will be able to meet these kids, at the most carnal emotional level.

Perhaps try reading about emotional disabilities? There must be a text book for it.



The other thing I would be dead up people's butts about getting so far as info goes is to know everything about any and every medication that everyone is on. Because, if something goes wrong, you need to be able to see the signs. Because these drugs can cripple the kids mentally and physically and can even cause death. As a teacher, your most crucial roll even superior to that of educator is protector. You are the last line of defense all day long while those kids are in your care.


And lastly, do some research. It isn't hard see? I don't even have a background in education and i can google this information. If you want answers go look for them. You are more capable than I am after all. I mean I am dyslexic and i assume you rank as normal and here i am doing your work for you.


good luck!

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Posted:Dec 02, 2010 2:18:44 AM

Talking to the parents would be the best way to get some helpful information.

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